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So the first name in my list of influences is a well known French-Canadian professional singer-songwriter, if obscure in other circles. I have the honour of being in contact with him pretty regularly. I jokingly was like, hey, come join us at 50/90! And shared the picture of the calendar.

Get this.

He tells me he has been writing one song per day for 20 years. TWENTY YEARS, GUYS. Hence 7300/7300. The mind boggles.

That's very cool. It's exactly what I read in an article about Dolly Parton. She said that for many, many years, she wrote a song a day. You gotta get good at something that you're doing everyday. It just becomes second nature, right?

I remember listening to an interview with Dennis Lee and Phillip Balsam, the team that did the songs for Fraggle Rock. They said that they typically wrote 3 songs a day. That way they had cache of songs for potential future episodes. I would love to write more in the other 9 months of the year, but I still have to work on my time management and task prioritization, I guess.

"Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration" applies to the arts as well as technology. Smile

Edit: also, Daniel Lavoie is amazing.

I think ol Kingswood Cowboy is in that league. I remember somewhere he is nearing 8000. 2017/2018 i wrote a song a day for 365 days. Im a slacker now - i miss the occasional day.

I have to admit I now write every day.... it exercises your imagination and songwriting muscles Smile Sometimes 2 songs a day. But, these are just lyrics unless they are for a co-writer and get handed over.
Up until recently I hadn't written for almost a year, apart from FAWM. However, forcing myself to write, especially when I knew someone was very eagerly waiting for it (yes that's you @Steven Wesley Guiles Wink ), meant that I soon got back into the habit.

Pretty amazing to sustain that creative pace for 20 years.