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Thx @Calum Carlyle for playing my song and giving my Murrumbidgee River a mention.

Yeah, totally know what you mean, guys. The ones that are left are the ones that are best! Smile

Well, today's show will be on in a few hours and it will be along the theme of MAGIC!
Next week the show will be along the theme of numbers, so if you are thinking of writing a song about numbers, now could be the perfect time.

Anyway, this week i'll be including songs from @Alex von Gestern, @musicsongwriter, @tjeff, @AndyGetch, @cts, @ustaknow, @ayeahmur, @dzd, @Dragondreams, @nerdjealous and @wacha. Not all of them are about magic, by the way, and next week probably not all the songs will be numerical, but you know.

anyway, midday on saturdays, then repeated at 8pm on sunday and 9pm on monday, British time, at www.spanishrockshot.com - tally ho!

Cheers @Calum Carlyle - listening right now!

Wow! Thanks again, @Calum Carlyle. It's always a privilege to be included in your show! Smile
I missed it today, but I'll catch the repeat tomorrow.

Awesome! I like the old-school aspect of listening while the thing is actually being "broadcast." The Sunday time is noon where I live, so I can be right there with you in real time

Terrific show. Loads of cracking music, and it was an honour to be included amongst it.

I keep missing your shows Calum. Thank you so much for including me and for what you are doing! I'll listen as soon as I can. Looking forward to it. Thank you for all your support!

Hahh! thank you @Calum Carlyle - what one did you use? Post a link for the archive so can have a listen. Thank you! Smile

Hi everyone! Okay, well i missed last week, but this Saturday, i'm back on track. I'll be playing songs by @headfirstonly, @Fuzzy, @MisterGee, @Roddy, @ustaknow, @cts, @katpiercemusic, @ZsuzsaDoe, @RalphCarl, @aneilm, @dzd, @Driftwood1, @doggolito, @marthienel, @nancyrost and @adamh.

As i said, it's midday on Saturday, repeated at 8pm on Sunday and 9pm on Monday, according to British time on www.spanishrockshot.com
The episodes can be heard from the following week onwards at www.spanishrockshot.com/podcastfilter/offbeat

the songs for this Saturday are a nice varied selection, but i am aware that the decreasing pool of active songwriters means i am playing the same songwriters over and again, but i'm not hugely fussed about it tbh. Tune in, and i hope you enjoy the show!

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Thanks again! and actually just listened to your most recently posted one last night. It was an excellent and widely diverse listen as always. I especially got a kick out of you pronouncing all of our messed up screen names haha.

Yes, thanks again too @Calum Carlyle -- I still gotta get over there and have a listen. To busy to hear my own stuff? Smile hahhh!

Show will be on in just under an hour! Smile

I'll be tuning in. Thanks, @Calum Carlyle!

@Calum Carlyle I missed the show, live, but, per the archive:
Hahhh, yes, after Jimi... I'm good with that. Nice flow. Yes, Jimi is a good warm up for my stuff to follow Smile

-- I really like hearing myself like that, Wink hahhh, thanks again.