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Hello, I have a weekly rock music show (called "Offbeat") on the internet community radio station "Spanish Rock Shot Radio" at:


It is midday on Saturdays, repeated at 8pm on Sundays and 9pm on Mondays, according to British time. Starting NEXT week i will be showcasing songs from this year's 50/90 on the show.

So, basically i will just be listening to the site and putting songs i like onto the show. I know there is FAR too much stuff for me to listen to everything though so it isn't really a best of 50/90, just some stuff that i like that comes up in my listening.

Feel free to let me know if you hear a great track on the site that you would like to request on the show. Also what i REALLY COULD DO WITH is a couple of nice jingles to go along with the 50/90 section of the show. Maybe the jingle could have the name of the 50/90 site, and the name of the show, but i mean, use your creativity. If i get two or three, i will be able to use all of them. Maybe one or two people could even take this as a songwriting prompt (though obviously they need to be quite short).

The episodes also get saved as podcasts the following week at http://www.spanishrockshot.com/podcasts if you miss the actual broadcasts, so if your songs gets played and you or someone you know missed it or wants to hear it again, no problem.

Thanks everyone, hope it is a good 50/90 for you! Smile

@Calum Carlyle This is good idea. You did this in the past and put on some really fine music. I'll certainly be listening. I've never tried making a jingle before but it's good to have a challenge!

Awesome that you're doing this (again.) Thanks Calum.

If anybody does make a jingle, could you please tag it with #5090cast? thanks.

Now, this week's show was on yesterday at noon, just as the 5090 site was opening up for the year, so it was too early to play anything from 5090 on this week's show (though there is a song from FAWM 2020 on the show, by @expendable friend and @McTown this week if you're interested).

However NEXT WEEK (Saturday 11th July) at noon BST, I'll be playing songs from @spirulence, @Dragondreams, @Roddy, @adamh, @Kurtis Kanttila, @IA, @headfirstonly, @sam sorrow, @thelowestbitter, @alfalfa, @Candle, @G3 Darnell, @yam655, @Marilisa, @carleybaer and @mike skliar on the show.

The URL to listen to the show is as always https://www.spanishrockshot.com/

The show will be broadcast, as i say, at noon on Saturday, then repeated at 8pm on Sunday and 9pm on Monday, all BST (adjust for your local timezone if necessary). If you miss it, or want to hear it again, you can hear it in the podcasts section of the Spanish Rock Shot website. Why not go back and listen to the shows i did during last summer and last FAWM as well, in the meantime?

Really impressed by how many songs there ALREADY are on 5090. Next week's show is already stuffed with songs just written in the first 36 hours of the challenge! Well done to everyone so far. I'll try to be a bit more last minute for subsequent shows, but i was quite overwhelmed by the actual amount of stuff already on the 5090 site tbh.

Awesome stuff @Calum Carlyle, I'll be listening in. Great work!

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