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Anybody have or remember any 50/90 theme songs? Me and Kahiwa had done one in 2011 as a "closing" theme song at the end of the 90 days.

If there are any others out there, it would be nice to hear them. You could post a link here for others to hear your "50/90" tributes. I also wrote one for FAWM, but those could be addressed in February.

I did this one for FAWM last year which I was pretty pleased with...


I end up with several meta songs to varying degrees every 5090. Wrote this one in the Song Skirmish group this past June https://www.dropbox.com/s/bpfcvvo1jk8j434/Hear%20The%20Tracks%20Rumbling.mp3?dl=0
Then so far

LOL - that's a perfect example! @headfirstonly I never really thought about how we probably spend just as much time stressing about our "tags" as we do on any other part of our songs. I think when people listen to some of our songs, and are not familiar with the FAWM sites, your song explains it quite well - we always have time, after the fact, to improve the songs we have a special interest in. I dare anyone not to laugh when they give your song a listen!

@AndyGetch Yes sir! That clock spinning, and candle burning at both ends has GOT to be felt by many of us here. I'm wondering if we asked people to list how many other "chores" they put off during 50/90, if that list would be too long to list. LOL
...and if I had to pick one word - not one song, but actually one single word to show that we are not bound by ordinary rules here at FAWM/5090... well you just know that word would have to be... VIKLE!!

I wrote a goodbye/love song to FAWM back in Feb. but I've not written a 50/90 song (yet!)


That's excellent @johnstaples I'm surprised that I missed that when you posted it in February. This is what I was hoping to see, tribute songs to FAWM or 50/90, and yours is very much like a love song, in the words and the melody - a fine tribute!

Here's one from 2010, it fits with the start of middle of getting through 50/90. This was from my lots of harmonies period!

@Roddy LOL - I had to laugh at that "everything sounds like Coldplay" comment, right at the beginning of your song! The part about 200 verses and a chorus or two... you hit the nail right on the head with that one. The song itself has a nice soothing feel, along with those harmonies, well done!