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5 songs by July 12th
10 songs by July 21st
15 songs by July 30th
20 songs by August 8th
25 songs by August 17th
30 songs by August 26th
35 songs by September 4th
40 songs by September 13th
45 songs by September 22nd
50 songs, of course, by October 1st

You can see how many songs you should have by multiplying the number of days have past in the challenge and multiplying it by .555
So on July 5th you should have .555 etc...

@plainwhitetoast has made a calendar in the past so I was gonna try my hand at it, but I failed. You'll have to settle for this (or create your own.) (But if you do, please share *smile*)

5 songs by July 12th, the 9th day
10 songs by July 21st, the 18th day
15 songs by July 30th, the 27th day
20 songs by August 8th, the 36th day
25 songs by August 17th, the 45th day
30 songs by August 26th, the 54th day
35 songs by September 4th, the 63rd day
40 songs by September 13th, the 72nd day
45 songs by September 22nd, the 81st day
50 songs, of course, by October 1st, the 90th and final day

Days Gone By ~~~~Songs Completed ~~~Days Left

0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 90
9 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 81
18 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 ~~~~~~~~~~~ 72
27 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15 ~~~~~~~~~~~ 63
35 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 19 ~~~~~~~~~~~ 55
44 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 24 ~~~~~~~~~~~ 46
53 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 29 ~~~~~~~~~~~ 37
62 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 34 ~~~~~~~~~~~ 28
71 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 39 ~~~~~~~~~~~ 19
80 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 44 ~~~~~~~~~~~ 10
90 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 50 ~~~~~~~~~~~ 0

No pressure...

I blatantly stole and hacked and repurposed the 2013 calendar that plainwhitetoast so nicely made. If he (or anyone else) has a better one then I'll replace the link with it. Otherwise:


Nice one T.C. - guess I should have checked here before I did one too Smile


Thanks to both of you. I am lost without my calendars for FAWM or 5090.

@headfirstonly, yours looks better.

Let's not be unduly modest, @tcelliott: both of yours and @headfirstonly's look great, and I thank both of you! Smile

Who is on pace?

uhh...yeah, I"m on pace...kinda.....

Thanks for this thread, @tcelliott. I'm on pace, actually a few days ahead, even though I went on a 9-day trip and didn't record anything or even pick up an instrument. (I did play the family piano that is at my sister's house.)
I wrote one complete lyric that I'll put to music this week, and I have a couple other ideas brewing.
I thought I'd catch up on commenting while I was gone, but only did a few - still a bit ahead of last year's pace though, I think.

Gosh I do have 15 songs so far, but I don't know that I can keep it up! The most I ever did for 5090 was 33.

i'm on pace, but if i do not record anything (which i CANNOT this time), i only count them as half-songs. i am almost exactly on pace for 100, where i am, so i am barely on pace.

not on pace at all though not as far behind as I thought. . . and August is gonna be tough for me so I think I will just keep falling further and further back until you it's the last week and I am thinking yeah I can do 30 songs in 5 days no problem. we'll see.

Bumping this to the top. Looks like I'm still about 10 days ahead of schedule, even though it seems like I haven't done much at all in the last few days. But I did keep up a song-a-day pace from July 4-22.

29 starting today then ...super

hmm, i'm supposed to have 25 by today (we're halfway there, i guess?) and i have only 19. that's probably mnore then last year at this time tho not as much as most of the years before that i've done this.... and I started off slow, took about two weeks off, then picked up speed, I may have to slow down again.... we'll see. i'll be surprised if i do get to 50.

Let's see...I have 6 so far...a couple more fragments...zero motivation...a ton of work piled up...looking forward to FAWM I guess!

And 6 songs by you John with lyrics, vocals and quality writing are more than 20 by me with the piano only. I'm looking forward to hearing the once I've missed and hoping to hear many more from you. Keep on writing. Your songs are always truly special.

Everyone hear is the winner!

Ack! I wanted to be far ahead of schedule by now, and I'm just on. Late August and September gets busy for me. Time to get going!

On pace for my personal goals

@katpiercemusic - I just commented on a couple of yours, and I meant to congratulate you for having so many completed. All solo demos, too!
I'm at 32 posted, with 3 demos recorded - I like to post just one a day (although was doing two a day early on in the challenge, getting as much in as I could before a 9-day break). So according to the calendar, I'm OK til Sept 4.
32 is a personal milestone for me, and I think I'll start another thread about why.

I was on or slightly ahead of pace this week... now I'm slightly behind. Although I have like four things percolating. Some of which may not get finished like ever. But on pace for as long as it lasts. Apparently I volunteered to be the PA Announcer for my daughter's h.s. softball team. I'm not great with public speaking so this will be an adventure and take way more time than it should.

Didn't plan on finishing this summer with 50 songs, but with 39 already, it looks like it's going to happen!