50/90 Progress Calendar for 2019

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I usually make one of these calendars for a visual reference. The big numbers show how many songs one should have completed by date to stay on track for a win.
Some find it useful, perhaps you will as well.


or direct download

Thanks as always for this! (Even if I always find it depressing as I fall further & further behind.)

So handy! Thank you plainwhitetoast Smile

Thanks @plainwhitetoast. I always have thought of 5090 this way as far as incremental goals
July 4-31 > post 14 songs cause it has 28 days like FAWM
August 1-31 > post 16 songs (for a total of 30 by August 31) to roughly continue the completed song every two days pace like FAWM
September 1 - October 1 > 20 songs (for at least 50 by October 1) figuring that 16 of them occur again on the roughly song every two days pace, and 4 (or more) get finished or posted that either are longer-to-complete-stragglers, collaborations, and/or semi-finished songs.


(Reminded me of "Rocktober"! O M G Smile )

ok downloaded this - thank you. I'm only 1 song behind, better than I thought !

I just noticed that the big 7 is missing from the July 16 square.
Today's number is "7."

Just this minute noticed that myself lol

Thanks for this, I've used it a couple of years and found it really helpful. Even if my own calendar ends up being like "write 8 songs on September 30th" Biggrin

Oh my goodness - I'm right on the nose! Thank you so much for this calendar. I peek in and think, oh well, I'll do the best I can. I surprised myself. Fun times!