5090 Kickoff Skirmish(es)!!!

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UPDATE: The skirmish is a go! Here is the thread for this skirmish, http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/monday-skirmish-1-july-4th-3pm-est-8pm-pm-london-noon-la
I am thinking of doing a 2:00pm (Chicago time) skirmish on July 4!

Anyone interested???

It's a definite possibility; can't say for sure yet, but I'd like to make it if I can!

There was a really good time zone converter link on FAWM this year for skirmishes. Does anyone remember it and can post it up?

I'll add it to the top post shortly!!

am definitely interested, depends on family plans. @Jibbidy34 Time Converter here: http://www.timeanddate.com/

Being in Canada, the 4th is a work day for me but have fun! Biggrin

What if we post Skirmish times as GMT/ Zulu/ UTC? Or if we MUST do the multiple time zone thing for people in US who can't figure out time zones put it in format GMT - Eastern - Central - Mountain - Pacific. Noon and midnight don't actually have an AM or PM. Smile

arghhh, my video card on my music computer just crapped out. (at east I hope it is just the video card). Ebay seems to be the only pace to get one -- old PC. I may be late starting this year. Skirmish on without me!

I can record on my laptop though. It should be faster than my old clunky desktop, but it isn't. More dropouts and stuttering here and there with the laptop.

Might be unavailable at that time, but if not: I'm interested in participating and seeing what comes of it!

Hopefully I'll be home around then. If I am, I"ll give it a try

I'll try to at least write some lyrics to warm up. I didn't write anything since February ... But I wont have access to my normal recording tools before Tuesday. Nor sure it I dare to make a lowfi recording with uke and smartphone ...

yet to commit to 50/90... however if I do, this time would work out ok for me!

Why of course you can Tootoo. It's 50/90 !! Gopher it !! Smile

I'll be there!

Count me in.