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Just a quick idea I had this morning while bugging TC Elliot and realizing we have both been here since 2010 (edit: turns out TC started in 2008!). It would be cool to take 1 song from each year and put together a compilation album. So the idea i'm going for is:

1. Choose a song from each year you've been doing 50/90
2. Post a link to each song in chronological order below
3. Nostalgically listen to each other's music and celebrate the fact we've come this far.
4. High five

I'll prep mine and post in a bit, I just need to upload some of those older recordings first.

Who's in? Biggrin

That is an interesting idea! I've been here since 2009 - that year I did 31 songs and then got really sick in September. Since 2010, I've done 50+ each year.
I have a Bandcamp that I've never used, and a Greatest Hits would be a good start for it. I might start it in a few days - in fact, I'm thinking now of a way to get some new songs out of it.

I've been here since 2008, i think (?). I've long been a fan of taking the 'best of' that particular season of writing (whether it be FAWM or 50/90, for me, as those are the two challenges i've done most every year since then) and doing a little bit of polishing, perhaps even some re-recording, etc., and putting albums out on bandcamp. I've done several albums over the past 7 years or so... they are at : https://mikeskliar.bandcamp.com/

this year here at 50/90, I just posted my 12th song, and for various reasons (vacation, and other stuff if you read the liner notes to my song 'song of life together' or my recent post on the forum) I may not be posting lots and lots more this season (not out for good tho, I'm sure I'll be back!)-- so i might take those 12 songs, polish a tiny bit in the next week and issue as another bandcamp album.

as for a 'best of' from 2007-now (or, for my songwriting, really 1998-now)... jeez., i feel like i should 'wait till the end' as I'm still planning on doing more of it!. 'greatest non-hits volume one' maybe tho? hmmm... Smile

[@mike-skliar] - yep, pretty sure you started in 2008 too. It was the first FAWM-hosted year.

That's when I started too (as did a whole host of FAWMers). I might get around to doing all of this, but for now, here's one of my favourites from my first year. Probably the only time I've written good lyrics that someone else wrote music to (I've writte some fairly poor ones that other people have salvaged, but these are the only ones I think gave Nancy something good to work with). Collaboration with @nancyrost and @hoops. Definitely NSFW and honestly, whatever I was on that day (nothing narcotic to my knowledge), I'd really like some more of it! Title from a throwaway comment from, I think [@wille] - "Time and space get pretty f*cked up in a black hole." - http://helenseviltwin.com/hoops/music/20085090/HelenNancyHoop_BlackHole.mp3

@helen - what a blast hearing that 'black hole' recording after all this time!! so glad you posted Smile

This is great, thanks for sharing guys, TC was explaining they did a site reset in 2010 so you all had to make accounts again. Now time to listen to these and get mine posted too. Smile

I don't think it would be fair for me to do this, as all my songs are the fruits of collaboration.

Shout out to the class of '08, though!

@Stephen Wordsmith - I can't see anyone having any issue with it. I posted a collaboration, and I can imagine several of my favourites would be collabs.

@mike skliar - thanks. I was really stoked with what hoops and Nancy did with my weird, weird lyrics. The three of us did actually perform it live once Smile

OK, I'll have a go! I tried to avoid songs that I've rerecorded and / or released elsewhere already.

2009: Strange Eyes (instrumental - didn't manage too many songs my first year)
2010: Rabbits (collab with @kristian - based on a true story)
2011: You've Only Got Corned Beef (samples @expendable friend)
2012: My Phone Is Faster (lyrics by @Donna Devine, vocals by @expendable friend)
2013: European Handclap
2014: Latin Burns
2015: P4K Took My Baby Away
2016: Cyclops Manager
2017: Almost Mechanical

@Vom Vorton - I think I remember hearing "Rabbits" at the time. Others were fun too.

Thanks @helen! Really enjoyed your selections, XGFBFF in particular.

I don't remember most of what did for 50/90. Starting in 2008 makes things blur together. But I do remember this one from my very first 50/90, The BIG Gay Story! https://www.dropbox.com/s/bx5x7rhxx10vf7g/ValCox_TheBigGayStory.mp3?dl=0

@helen wait you wrote 50 songs in 90 MINUTES? I'm not sure if that challenge is insane or genius. Maybe we should bring it back this year.... :-p

Here's a song from my first 50/90 back in 2008:

You Ride the Broomstick

I think a lot of people first did the 50/90 challenge in that year, because it was the first year it had a proper website. Most of the in-coming were FAWMers.

@Peter Arvidson - for a given value of "song", yes. They were improvised, from titles given to me by forum folks, mostly one liner bad jokes, but I still perform that one I posted there, and one other, so I reckon 2 performable pieces in an hour and a half is pretty good going. It was good fun. I'd recommend giving it a go.

50 songs in 90 hours was harder because I felt I had to actually make proper songs with proper demos (although I did have a few throwaway improv ones in there). I didn't do myself any favours, though, because, although I took 2 days off work in addition to the weekend, my weekend was full of normal stuff, so I did 3 songs on day 1, 2 songs on day 2, 20 songs on day 3, 25 songs on day 4. It was not fun. I'd recommend not giving it a go, but my keeper to throwaway ratio was about the same as if I'd spent 3 months writing them, so maybe it was worth it from a cranking out new songs PoV. I just hated everything by the end of day 4.

Edited to add - I just went a did a count of songs from 50/90hrs that I have either performed, or re-recorded for release and out of 50 there is 10, which is not bad for 4 days.

But I think the best song I ever wrote for 50/90 was this one from 2010:

Kane Kelly

2010: Little Fish - https://peterarvidson.bandcamp.com/track/little-fish - My first ever 50/90 song, and also my favorite
2011: Breaking The Sun - https://peterarvidson.bandcamp.com/track/breaking-the-sun - Proud of this little demo!
2012: Love Will Win - https://soundcloud.com/peterarvidsonjams/love-will-win - A fun EDM rock tune
2013: Castles - https://soundcloud.com/peterarvidsonjams/castles - A garageband iphone app demo
2014: Justice Will Be Done - https://soundcloud.com/peterarvidsonjams/justice-will-be-done - Collab with @benjo he did great dealing with this tragic subject
2015: Newborn - https://soundcloud.com/peterarvidsonjams/newborn - Acoustic indie rock
2016: Family Ties - https://soundcloud.com/peterarvidsonjams/family-ties - A quick acoustic rock demo that turned out better than I hoped
2017: Drive On - https://soundcloud.com/peterarvidsonjams/drive-on - Skipped 50/90 but did produce one demo that year, a fun electronic pop number
2018: A New Wilderness - https://soundcloud.com/peterarvidsonjams/a-new-wilderness - I'm going to base a new album this year that centers around this song

I am still *going through mine, but want to make a list. And collabs totally count.

*started with 50/90 2008 and couldn't decide on one from that year... haven't even looked at the other years yet.

I'm really enjoying listening to all these! I feel the same as some of you, where I enjoy my first year the most. 50/90 was awesome when I stumbled onto it, it got me out of a 4 year writing block funk. If you're under the gun to write 50 songs, you don't have time to obsess over every little part of the song or lyrics, you just drop it out of you and move on to the next. Great community here, always looking forward to it each year.

It'd be fun if everyone would zip up their collection for us to listen on the go. But if I do that then I might have to add album art... and liner notes... and....

I did once have a bunch of my FAWM and 5090 stuff up on bandcamp, but then I decided the production values were probably not up to what I'd want to let loose in public now, so I took them all down.

@helen wow, 50 songs in 90 hours sounds intense! I'm not sure I could pull that one off, maybe quick joke songs sprinkled with a few full efforts along the way.

Enjoyed your selection, @Peter Arvidson! I can see why Little Fish is still a favourite but I particularly enjoyed Breaking the Sun and Drive On too.

Thanks @Vom Vorton ! Breaking The Sun and Drive On are also dear to my heart. Breaking the Sun especially.

Some years were hard to pick from several good possibilities. Some years were hard to pick from seemingly no good choices. But it was fun going back and listening through nearly... 300 songs from 50/90. Wow.

2008 - Drifting - http://www.helenseviltwin.com/tcelliott/BO5090/TC08_Drifting.mp3
2009 - The Flower Garden - http://www.helenseviltwin.com/tcelliott/BO5090/TC09_TheFlowerGarden.mp3 - Part of the morphing challenge
2010 - Dangerous - http://www.helenseviltwin.com/tcelliott/BO5090/TC10_DangerousWVal.mp3 - A collab with @Valerie Cox
2011 - A Reason To Believe - http://www.helenseviltwin.com/tcelliott/BO5090/TC11_AReasonToBelieve.mp3
2012 - Cow Tipping In The Middle Of The Night - http://www.helenseviltwin.com/tcelliott/BO5090/TC12_CowTipping.mp3
2013 - Frayed - http://www.helenseviltwin.com/tcelliott/BO5090/TC13_Frayed.mp3
2014 - Giving Up On Love - http://www.helenseviltwin.com/tcelliott/BO5090/TC14_GivingUpOnLove.mp3
2015 - If I Were To Die Today - http://www.helenseviltwin.com/tcelliott/BO5090/TC15_DieToday.mp3
2016 - The Whiskey Is Gone - http://www.helenseviltwin.com/tcelliott/BO5090/TC16_WhiskeyIsGone.mp3
2017 - Zodiac - http://www.helenseviltwin.com/tcelliott/BO5090/TC17_Zodiac.mp3