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Hey guys, I got an idea for a song and I'd like your help.

I want to make a song called "50/90 Dinner Party" where we all pitch in and have a dinner party. I'm thinking everyone records a vocal part that wants to be a part of it and writes their lyric and I'll assemble it on a beat....likely not EDM per say, but something easy to listen too and highlights all of us instead of distracts from us.

I'm thinking I would start it off like

"Welcome all the this 50/90 dinner party."

and then the beat starts and its like "@pearlmanhattan" Pearl, please pass me the mashed potatoes, they look just scrumptious" and then Pearl (or whoever) would be like "Sure thing j4x, oh my oh my, green beans so good there's a tear in my eye" and then like @tcelliott (or whoever) would be next and they'd be like "those green beans are great, but look at those rolls, my mouth is drooling, so pass 'em here bud!"

and on and on, each person adds a dish, creates a small lyric...etc. I thought this would be fun and something cool for us all to have. Hit this thread up if you're into it and down for the dinner party.

I was thinking of a similar idea except instead of vocal parts its guitar solos. Smile

Ya I'd do it, that's a novel idea.

Sounds fun Smile

Sounds fun @NuJ4X. Are you thinking spoken vocal parts or singing. If to be sung people would probably need to know what key and tempo. Maybe a standard chord progression sample would help too.

Do we get to figure out our own lines? If so, I'd totally come up with something silly, for sure. :P

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Sounds like a world of fun to me. I’m in!

I totally want to have dinner with y'all at this dinner party! Count me in please!

I'm coming to dinner too!

@NuJ4X Look at you callin me out, baby! LOL Flattered and honored you'd use me as an example... so sweet. How could I turn it down now - I've already been implicated? named? voluntold? LOL it's all good and I'm grinning big. I'll give it a shot.

Show me the menu

Alright, I'll bite (har de har har). Count me in!

It's obvious that each person, upon their arrival at this 50/90 feast, would introduce themselves and sing a little ditty about the covered dish they prepared. LOL
Thanks for the invite and being so nice
I decided to make my red beans and rice
There's plenty for all, so please don't get hyper
I'm a very fast cook, but one-slow-typer

@Kraftec That would be a pretty sweet idea! Make it a duel instead of a dinner party where everyone's revolver is actually a guitar and all the guitar solos battle off. That would be amazing!

[@Barry Goldman] Thank you for the compliment sir!

@metalfoot Jacked to have you onboard!

@Krayzie003 Either or, don't want a lot of rules. If you want to broadway sing, broadway sing. If you want to spoken word, spoken word! I feel like it should be fun and comfy for people so we all look back and its a really cool memory! I will provide key and tempo when I create the music and make sure everyone has all the pertinent info Biggrin

@cblack Absolutely! That's the fun part Biggrin everyone decides what dish should be at the table, no matter how weird or silly and that's what truly makes it a 50/90 dinner party! Hell, the weirder and funnier the better no? Biggrin

@cts Super jacked to have you on board bro!

@kahlo2013 Super duper jacked to have you on board!

@Peter Arvidson Super duper ultra jacked to have you on board!

@pearlmanhattan OF COURSE! I mean hell, it aint a dinner party unless you're there Pearl!

@Cicpisces You show ME the menu! LOL everyone decides what to bring so its a super crazy dinner party!

@cleanshoes Super duper ultra top notch jacked to have you on board!

@oneslowtyper That's the spirit! Red beans and rice sounds like a dish at our dinner party Biggrin

Likewise @NuJ4X. Also, I have been failing at tagging all these years. Do you need to type more then just add the @ to tag someone? Sincerely, experienced 50/90 noob.

Im in as well

@Peter Arvidson - to tag, you need the @cblack (or whoever you're tagging) inside square brackets, like so: [ @cblack ] But no spaces. Smile

Except for where there's a space in the user's name, such as in yours. Smile

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Sooooo....do we just send a sound clip to you? Is that how it works? And if so, where do we send it?

@cblack ahhh, THERE we go. Thank you! I am overly happy about this. Biggrin

I’m coming to the potluck....since I’m showing up late, I’ll bring a homemade dessert. Do you want pie or cake?
My vocals are high, like the sweetness of my pie. The cake may be chewy....to match my handle @colgoo!

Hey guys, giving an update! I'm working on the 50/90 dinner party instrumental this week so just sit tight! Biggrin

I'm in!

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If there's place on the table for some german dishes other than bratwurst and kraut count me in

@sph I’m totally German lol so it won’t be a dinner party without those dishes! Smile