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Personally, I'm glad to see we cleared the 5000 song mark after lingering in the 4000's for a long time.

Good job, y'all.

Final total of 5151 wooohooo! Thats 61 more than 5090 Lol

I noticed that too, Andy... would have been cool if we had exactly 5090 songs. I wonder how many songs were produced over the long skirmish weekend?

I tried to do songs for every skirmish. I did multiple songs for some skirmishes.

I just checked the list of songs, and I can confirm. The "Secret" skirmish was song 54. My last song before the weekend was 53. I examined the list of songs and I didn't post anything I'd recorded earlier during the skirmish window -- they're all to skirmish prompts -- and my last song is song 85.

So, 32 skirmish songs from the mega super weekend.

@oneslowtyper Somewhere between October 2nd and now the 9th, the total has dropped from 5151 to 5140, at this rate we'll be 5090 in December Lol

2435 members, and so many 0's (songs). How many folks actually participated? I'll guess there was an average of 8 - 10 songs? Also, I wonder if all those 0's are tracked, and what they did while here? It's nice to wonder Wink

242 members posted at least 1 song this year. Gives an average of over 21 songs per active participant.

Thanks @metalfoot !

I guessed at the number (anecdotal observation too). And, used ~ 500 "active" folks (1/5) out of all of these, ~ 5000 / 500 = 10 -ish. I know I saw many folks in the 8-ish (# of Songs) range; which, if one is "working" ..., is actually, imo, a great number! If one walks away with 5 - 8 new songs (they can cherish, perform, produce), or 10 (OMG!) ... in 90 days, that is "amazing".

I've commented previously, but again, -- if I get 3 songs of which in a year I remain really liking, and see folks enjoying with me, -- happy!

-- I still wonder what all the "o's" do? (non-participants, so to speak)

I've read all of the original papers he wrote when he created this site for data collection, and glad he left if up. Nonetheless, it all remains relevant. And for me, the observable here is relevant and helpful for me in the feedback-comments and authentic communication I have, or feel I do. If one pays attention over time to their peers here, they will "get" their "shorthand" and better know what their feedback may mean. (Well, how it is for me.) It's all very interesting! Smile

For example.. you knew/know "kc". I knew her a couple of years prior to "here", and when I was "spamed" Smile of it's existence (FAWM), I let her know too. So, when she got feedback from me "here", e.g. "it's all good", or conversely "needs a bit of BH and orchestration" --she knew what I meant and why, and went off-line for further, as appropriate.

New folks here, now 2 years "old", -- if they comment, it has great value, if you know what I mean (maybe not Wink ) I know some, like me, comment within a very specific "context". I appreciate the, "change this" stuff, or any other.

-- Well, didn't mean to "carry on" here... just in the middle of other thought and do write faster than I speak ! (Thanks again for the #'s)