50 songs in 38 minutes??? Is this possible?

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"Yes, it is!" is my answer.

This year's 50/90 I was as busy as a bee doing songs in turning LEGO Minifigures into music. Naturally, it was my aim to assemble those miniatures in an album.
So here it is: It's called Flohzirkus (flea circus) and is completely in GERMAN! I apologize for that, but I never could have reached the 50 mark if I tried to do English lyrics.
So if you are open-minded, this could be a very varied listening experience for you with a diversity of musical styles. You may listen and download "Flohzirkus" for free at:


...and if you're VERY courageous, you can listen to "The House at the End of the Street" with my first (and last!) attempts of using the English language...

Have fun!

In fairness, the song "The House at the End of the Street" was a fun if surreal lyric-- and a fun 'explore the core' sort of challenge last year for 50/90. I didn't realize you'd made an album out of it! Will have to download and listen. Smile

is it possible to go 38 minutes without writing 50 songs?

Yes. I went most of July and October with no songs.
Ok. At first I thought you meant you wrote and recorded 50 songs in 38 minutes. Klara sounds like that, but most of the rest are really good. I was able to pick out a few words, but not enough to get meaning of the song. I'm enjoying it a lot. Thanks.