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I've added some piano to track 3 of tape 5 (track 2 is uke bass). Anyone want to finish this one off?

@standup, I created the account http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/user/4-track-tape-collaboration. Should we add it as a collaborator for all of the tracks we make?

@Elesimo OK, added to that page...
(Edited to add: Perplexing. I added the 4-track account as a collaborator, but it's not showing up on that page.)
(edited to add: Well, it's there now)

@Pearlmanhattan, what's the status of Tape 1? Is @ZeCoop taking it?

Any takers for Tape 5?

@Vom Vorton, I'll take Tape 5, since no one has claimed it. Smile

@Elesimo it shall be yours! Oh yes, it shall be yours.

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Thanks to Nancy lending me her 4-track, I get to do my first 4-track collab! I'm excited. Someone else sign up for this one so I know where it goes next Smile

Oh, and I can volunteer to finish up Tape 3, unless Nancy needs the recorder back before then...

I didn't get a track laid on tape 1 yet, so I still have it. Leaving for vacation for a week, will get it done and sent out next week, so I'll get mailing info then.

@owl you will be sending to @Elesimo next -- I'll get you the address. [Edit - oh, I think I got that wrong. Someone sign up!] And you can hang on to the recorder to finish up Tape 3!

@nancyrost, @owl I can do Tape 6 if no one else volunteers. I had added my name, but removed it since I'm taking Tape 5 from @Vom Vorton.

I’m here if there’s anyone needed, but only if no one else is available. I don’t want to tread on any toes, or stand in anyone’s way.

@marvsmooth I know the feeling! I'd love to participate in all the tapes, but gotta leave space for others. Smile

I added @owl to track 4 of tape 3.

@owl, @nancyrost, I added me and @marvsmooth to Tape 6. @owl, I'll send you my address.

@pfoo, @standup are you still interested in starting Tape 4?

No pressure! I'm planning to start a new tape, and I was wondering if I just start Tape 4 or start a new Tape (7). Smile

We are still hoping to start a tape soon... I have a couple of gigs this weekend but will try to squeeze it in.

OK, Tape 4 is begun and I can mail it out Monday... It's spacey sludge-rock, just bass and drums, centered around Dm7, F and Gm if anyone's partial to those chords...

I'll take Tape 4 then, since people are quiet. Smile

Any takers for track 3 and 4 on Tape 4?

Elesimo, please send me your address again to my contact email, I don't see older correspondence with your address right now...

I’ll put this out there - I’m happy to be included on any tapes if there are absolutely no takers. I’d like to do every tape, but that’s the selfish side of me, whereas the selfless side says I should allow others an opportunity first.

This one though I will admit has me intrigued with the grunge description.

I'd be happy to take the other track if Tape 4 fancies a trip over the ocean to @marvsmooth...

I think drums and bass are on separate tracks on tape 4. @standup?

Things have quieted down at our house. I should have time to do more 4-tracks. Does anyone want to start one? Or I can start another.

On tape 4, yes, there are 2 tracks already recorded. Drums on 1 and bass on 3, actually, since I was having weird patching difficulties.

@marvsmooth, I can send you Tape 4, if you're interested in it. But I think we should also start a few more tapes, maybe one that starts in the US and ends in the UK with you and @Vom Vorton?

@Elesimo - both of those options sound great!

@Elesimo -- send me your address so I can get Tape 4 moving...

@standup just sent you a private message.

I received a tape from @Vom Vorton that says "Tape V". I'm unsure if it's tape 5, or ff that's how he labels all of his tapes! Biggrin

@pfoo, @standup, I received Tape 4 today and added guitar.

@owl, have you mailed me Tape 6? There's no rush, I just want to know because I'm sending both Tape 4 and Tape 6 across the ocean to @marvsmooth, and I wonder if I should wait for your tape and send both tapes together, or send them separately.

@Elesimo - if it gets late on, then I’ll set up a placeholder just in case.