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Heya, folks! Anyone interested in doing 4-track collaborations for 50-90?

@standup, @pfoo, @Pearlmanhattan, @nancyrost, @cts, @metalfoot, @wobbie wobbit?

I'm starting a tape today with bass, and I'm also planning to work on track 2 of a tape that @marvsmooth started last year (I'm so sorry, and I hope that's ok!).

Track 1 - @Elesimo (synth bass)
Track 2 - @Pearlmanhattan <==
Track 3 - @ZeCoop
Track 4 - @marvsmooth

Track 1 - @marvsmooth (sequencer)
Track 2 - @Elesimo (pads)
Track 3 - @nancyrost (bass noise)
Track 4 - @standup (echo guitar, vocals, lyrics)
Finished song: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/38549

3 (2 songs!)
Track 1 - @marvsmooth (acoustic guitar / acoustic guitar)
Track 2 - @Vom Vorton (electric guitar / bass)
Track 3 - @wobbie wobbit (vocal/lyrics on / bass guitar)
Track 4 - @owl (vocals)
Finished song 1: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/40349
Finished song 2: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/40897

Track 1 - @pfoo (drums)
Track 3 - @standup (bass)
Track 2 - @Elesimo (guitar)
Track 4 - @marvsmooth (guitar, vocals, lyrics)
Finished song: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/39890

Track 1 - @marvsmooth (tenor ukulele)
Track 2 - @wobbie wobbit (uke bass)
Track 3 - @Vom Vorton (piano)
Track 4 - @Elesimo (lyrics, vocals)
Finished song: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/38922
Bonus track: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/38979

Track 1 - @nancyrost (u-bass)
Track 2 - @owl (guitar, vocals, lyrics)
Track 3 - @Elesimo <==
Track 4 - @marvsmooth

That's fine Smile

I've pulled a ten pack of tapes out in readiness! @ZeCoop @Vom Vorton

I feel like one of the FAWM 4-track collaborations was going to get finished up during 50/90 but I can't remember who currently had it in their possession. Anyone?

I'm up for some tape recording if any slots need feeling. I feel like it might take me a little while to get up to speed but if I have an idea to start off a tape then I'll post it here and seek out some takers for the rest of the chain...

I can do track two or three for tapes. I'm in the US and can't really mail internationally. I've moved also, so make sure you hit me up for the new address before you send it.

i am up for some tape action. I have a tape from Fawm but some of the fawmer-4-trackers aren't 5090ing so i was going to save it for next FAWM.

I’m in! I was just thinking today that someone should start this thread, so thanks elesimo!

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Put me in the mix!

I'll start a couple off then! I'll see if my girl fancies doing a percussion track with me, neighbours permitting.

I'll see if I can borrow the 4-track machine off my neighbour again before committing!

Yes, please!

@metalfoot - if all else fails, send me a file again.

I hope this weekend @pfoo and I can start a tape. Maybe something a little different than "the usual" we do. I'll let y'all know if we squeeze that in...

I have tape 1 and 2 ready to send, any takers?

Elesimo, I think Tape 2 is the one you were going to bring me in April? I'll take that one!

Tape 1 is on its way to @Pearlmanhattan, and Tape 2 is on its way to @nancyrost!

Let me know if anyone else is starting a tape and I'll add it to the list.

Who am I posting the TWO SONGS on tape three to? Acoustic guitar on 1 and click on 4, both recorded at the same time!

@wobbie wobbit, do you want to take tape 3?

Happy to receive anything anyone wants to send me!

@Vom Vorton - I’ll post it your way tomorrow.

ah i see i missed that call, i will take tape 3 after @Vom Vorton Smile please and thankyou

I have tape 1, I'll be laying down track 2 in the next few days and can send it out next weekend, who wants it? (US only, please, can't do international)

Tape, erm, three (I think) is in the post!

@Vom Vorton and @wobbie wobbit - please take note that I got carried away and did two different pieces on the same tape!


Do we have any takers for Tape 1 after Pearl and Tape 2 after Nancy?

@cts, @standup, @pfoo?

I don't mind taking tape 2 if it's available

@marvsmooth do you mean tape 1? You started tape 2! Smile

Oh yes you're right. Sorry, my mind is all over the place!

I fancy experimenting by turning the tape over to see what I can play with the song in reverse. If it doesn't work out, then I'll do it the old fashioned way.

@marvsmooth, I added you as 4th track on Tape 1, since @Pearlmanhattan said she can only ship to the US, I hope that's ok.

@Elesimo - okay.

I’ve started a tape five with tenor ukulele.

Who wants it next?

It’s a quick and fast one - 166bpm, and I’m guessing around two minutes or less.

I just love the descending in fourths that I’ve done - G, Em, C, Am.

Tape 3 has landed. Should be able to get to it this weekend.

Tape 5 in the post to @wobbie wobbit...

sorry for delay on track 5 - i have had technical issues but i think i can work round it now and get onto it.

Checking in, haven't heard of any takers, but I haven't had a chance to make my my track on it yet, I will be leaving for my annual renaissance reinactment aug 7, and will be tax-free until the 13th, so if there isn't a taker before then, you'll have to wait till after that to get it posted. I've been very busy with real life, but things should calm down in september

@Pearlmanhattan - send it to me if there’s no one by then! Then we can find someone else to end it?

@marvsmooth. While I would love to send it to you, the cheapest international postage price I can find is about 30 us dollars, and that's a bit much for me, like a weeks worth of groceries. I can afford to send it in the US, but not outside of the US. Certainly, there's someone in the US who wants this tape? Il send it back to @elisimo if I don't hear from anyone by aug 7.

ugh run into further technical issues with the "new" 4 track i am using, going to go back to the old one this week but have to wait to get, it, i have @marvsmooth's track backed up and have got a little bass uke part sorted but now the tape is fading out and i cant record it. should get it done this week though. sorry for delay.

@Pearlmanhattan - send it on to @ZeCoop. He’s happy to take it off your hands, but he won’t be able to get to it straight away, as he’s really busy.

ok my technical issues with the 4-track machine were just me being stupid (or it being unintuitive if i am being kind) - plus the fading issue was with my mixer not the 4 track - all sorted and i have recorded a bass uke part on Tape 5 - track 2. Who am i sending it to?? Smile

@wobbie wobbit - I know a few Brits who do four track challenges, but only one of those does 50/90 unfortunately. @Vom Vorton is doing two songs on another tape that I did. Yes, I put two songs on a tape. Sorry.

i don't mind posting to US or if @Vom Vorton wants it can send to him? anyone? bueller?

You can send it to me if you like? My current summer songwriting progress may look unimpressive, but I've actually got a bit of free time coming up so I *should* be able to add something to both tapes very soon

tape 5 is in the post

I've added electric guitar to the first song on tape 3 and bass to the second. Will hopefully get it posted tomorrow!


Tape 2 was delivered to @standup and @pfoo at Fawmstock.

Tape 3 has landed with @wobbie wobbit, hopefully tape 5 will have arrived so that I can work on it this weekend.

Anyone want to take the final slot on #5?

Tape 2 is done. Has anybody created a "4 Track Tape" username to collect them all? I'll put it on my page for now:

Tape 6 has u-bass and is going to owl next.