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Heya, folks! Anyone interested in doing 4-track collaborations for 50-90?

@standup, @pfoo, @Pearlmanhattan, @nancyrost, @cts, @metalfoot, @wobbie wobbit?

I'm starting a tape today with bass, and I'm also planning to work on track 2 of a tape that @marvsmooth started last year (I'm so sorry, and I hope that's ok!).

Track 1 - @Elesimo (synth bass)
Track 2 - @Pearlmanhattan <==
Track 3 -
Track 4 -

Track 1 - @marvsmooth (sequencer)
Track 2 - @Elesimo (pads)
Track 3 - @nancyrost <==
Track 4 -

Track 1 - @marvsmooth ==>
Track 2 - @Vom Vorton
Track 3 - @wobbie wobbit
Track 4 -

Track 1 - @pfoo/@standup
Track 2 -
Track 3 -
Track 4 -

That's fine Smile

I've pulled a ten pack of tapes out in readiness! @ZeCoop @Vom Vorton

I feel like one of the FAWM 4-track collaborations was going to get finished up during 50/90 but I can't remember who currently had it in their possession. Anyone?

I'm up for some tape recording if any slots need feeling. I feel like it might take me a little while to get up to speed but if I have an idea to start off a tape then I'll post it here and seek out some takers for the rest of the chain...

I can do track two or three for tapes. I'm in the US and can't really mail internationally. I've moved also, so make sure you hit me up for the new address before you send it.

i am up for some tape action. I have a tape from Fawm but some of the fawmer-4-trackers aren't 5090ing so i was going to save it for next FAWM.

I’m in! I was just thinking today that someone should start this thread, so thanks elesimo!

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Put me in the mix!

I'll start a couple off then! I'll see if my girl fancies doing a percussion track with me, neighbours permitting.

I'll see if I can borrow the 4-track machine off my neighbour again before committing!

Yes, please!

@metalfoot - if all else fails, send me a file again.

I hope this weekend @pfoo and I can start a tape. Maybe something a little different than "the usual" we do. I'll let y'all know if we squeeze that in...

I have tape 1 and 2 ready to send, any takers?

Elesimo, I think Tape 2 is the one you were going to bring me in April? I'll take that one!

Tape 1 is on its way to @Pearlmanhattan, and Tape 2 is on its way to @nancyrost!

Let me know if anyone else is starting a tape and I'll add it to the list.

Who am I posting the TWO SONGS on tape three to? Acoustic guitar on 1 and click on 4, both recorded at the same time!

@wobbie wobbit, do you want to take tape 3?

Happy to receive anything anyone wants to send me!

@Vom Vorton - I’ll post it your way tomorrow.

ah i see i missed that call, i will take tape 3 after @Vom Vorton Smile please and thankyou

I have tape 1, I'll be laying down track 2 in the next few days and can send it out next weekend, who wants it? (US only, please, can't do international)

Tape, erm, three (I think) is in the post!

@Vom Vorton and @wobbie wobbit - please take note that I got carried away and did two different pieces on the same tape!