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In 50/90 we have months to get this done -- a perfect opportunity to mail some cassette tapes around the country/around the world.

Do you have a working 4-track cassette tape recorder? Get it out of the closet and dust it off.

What we have done in the past is:
1) Someone records a click track one one track, and a music part on another track. A guitar, vocal, bass, flute, recorder, accordion, or whatever.

2) That person gets a mailing address from other people involved in the project, and mails the cassette tape to the next person.

3) the next person records another part on another track and mails it to someone else

4) who adds a track and mails the cassette tape to someone else

5) The last person in the chain has a cassette with 3 tracks and a click track. They record their part over the click, erasing it. The tape now has music or noises on all 4 tracks. The last person in the chain mixes it down to an mp3, and posts the finished product.

Sound like fun? Add you name here and we'll get a list of participants going.

Tape 1
Track 1: @marvsmooth
Track 2: @cts (in transit)
Track 3:
Track 4:

Tape 2 - Not the Same *34900
Track 1: @marvsmooth
Track 2: @Vom Vorton
Track 3: @wobbie wobbit
Track 4: @nancyrost

Tape 3 - Spirograph Ransom Note *35225
Track 1: @marvsmooth
Track 2: @nancyrost
Track 3: @pearlmanhattan
Track 4: @standup

Tape 4 - Ohio in My Pocket *34162
Track 1: [@valcox]
Track 2: @marvsmooth
Track 3: @standup
Track 4: @pfoo

Tape 5 - Strolling With You *35187
Track 1: @nancyrost
Track 2: @standup
Track 3: @pfoo
Track 4: @pearlmanhattan

Tape 6 - Sleepy Island *34901
Track 1: @nancyrost
Track 2: @pearlmanhattan
Track 3: @Vom Vorton
Track 4: @wobbie wobbit

Tape 7 - Let's Call the Whole Thing Off - *33328
Track 1: @pfoo
Track 2: @standup
Track 3: @nancyrost
Track 4: @Vom Vorton

Yeah! Count me in.

Man, I wish I had one of those!

Please count me in.

I'm in.

cts's picture

Yep - I’m on board, too!

Me too!

On Wednesday I’ll see if we have a few more interested and start collecting emails/mailing addresses.

My darlin’ pfoo will help us keep organized. She’s better at that than me.

I need to get me a 4-track macheeeen.

Yep this was old school fun! I'm in Smile

OK, I think I’ve got everybody’s info.

We have two UK folks, so maybe they should start a tape then send it across the ocean with 2 tracks done? And we here in the US could pick a tape to record 2 tracks then send to UK?

@standup sounds like a good idea! I'm somewhat limited in my levels of participation until the middle of July but I'd be happy to start something then, or (and?) if @wobbie wobbit wants to get one started then I'll get right onto it as soon as I get back from a trip.

And, a reminder to everyone: 4-track cassette recorders sometimes have 2 speeds. There’s usually a Tape Speed switch on the front panel that may say something like “High” and “Normal”. We should record everything at Normal speed.

There are a few decks that only record at High speed (3 3/4 inches per second, 9.53 cm/second). If anyone has one of those machines, let us know, and we’ll have to send those tapes to people with both tape speed options.

OR record something odd like a bass that will jump up an octave when played at double speed. Or a ukulele that will drop into the bass register when played at half speed. As a last resort there are fun possibilities.

I’m in Smile

@Valerie Cox - send me or @ZeCoop a click track and your part, and we could sort it with you as the starter Smile

I have just ordered a new cassette off ebay, will arrive in a week and I'll start one off Smile

Good point @wobbie wobbit, I need to check my tape supplies!

@Vom Vorton - I’ll try and get a tape posted to you on Saturday or sooner with something for you to get your teeth into!

@marvsmooth - good stuff, don't rush though as I'm away for a week from Saturday. I'll properly hurl myself into the challenge when I get back!

A bit late to the game, but I would love to participate — I did 4 tapes this year for FAWM and it was a great experience! Smile

Cool! Everyone's welcome.

Oh man, I need to get these tapes sorted!

I’ve got something from @Valerie Cox for one tape, and might have someone else’s but to put onto tape - they don’t have four-track recorders themselves!

@pfoo and I are on vacation next week and attending fawmstock too. Then contractors are working on the basement where we usually do this kind of thing We often start a tape with drums and guitar or bass. In 2018 we won’t be able to start anything until early August. But we will get to it!

So now I'm reading @marvsmooth's comment from three days ago -- to open this up, we could accept a starter track from somebody who doesn't have a 4-track, dub it to tape, and start mailing it around.

That's kind of a cool idea.

What do y'all think?

https://instagram.com/p/Bl8fu46gFQi/ - first one ready featuring @Valerie Cox on drums, and me on a very distorted electric guitar! Who’s getting it?

I have to confess I have received my blank tape from ebay and it is still unopened in its jiffy bag. I am a bit daunted at being track 1 and doing something worthy enough to build upon. My mind is as blank as the tape is!

As a bass player, I find it fun to put something down that's fairly simple, an underpinning for things to come. Click track and bass line! Done!

I try to put a backing for others to add to, whether it be bass, rhythm guitar, keyboard pads, or even a percussion instrument. One tape this year will actually have a track of me and Louise playing a different percussion instrument each!

That way,

@marvsmooth "Loud Rocker" Ha ha. Nice! Smile

My actual second tape is ready for posting. I’ll send this 100bpm indie rock piece to @Vom Vorton?

It’s actually the third I did, but the second one ended up being around ten minutes long with multiple sections!

@Valerie Cox - I thought that you’d like that Lol

@standup - you up for a rocker, Eric?

Always. We have time for the transatlantic thing too.

@standup - I’ll post it tomorrow, Eric. I might have your address in my special four-track challenge address book, but I’m not sure.

Check your email

I have a couple tapes to send out. Two takers for two Track 2s?

We'll take one! (And @pfoo and I hope to start a tape up this weekend.)

I would stick my hand up for this, but I’ve started up four or five of them!

@marvsmooth - then it's time you got to follow someone else's track!

I'm here, prefer 3 or 4 but will take track 2 if I gatta. It's time to find the power supply and get things going, I guess?

Received a tape from @marvsmooth today. Will have a listen as soon as I can tear myself away from the two kittens we adopted this morning!

So @marvsmooth, of those tapes you sent out, how many went to 50/90’ers, and who? I need to start listing the tapes. Was it to tapes, to Vom Vorton and me? If so, those will be tapes 1 and 2. Nancy’s tapes will be 3 and 4.

I found a bit of time away from the kittens and added a bassline to the tape I received from @marvsmooth. Who wants it next?

Going out on Monday:

Tape 3, with electric piano, headed to standup and pfoo
Tape 4, with tone drum, headed to pearlmanhattan

if there are no other takers atm i will take @Vom Vorton 's tape. I am away for a week from the 15th and this would also spur me on to starting the blank tape i have not had the guts to start, then i could get both tapes sent out before i go away

One to @standup, one to @Vom Vorton, one to @cts, and one to @nancyrost.

@wobbie wobbit sounds good to me, I'll get it posted tomorrow. Same address as during FAWM?

@Vom Vorton Yup Smile thanks!

OK, in the top post I've started listing the tapes. @marvsmooth can you check on the tapes you started and let me know what to change? I think maybe the one I'm getting has Val's track on it, but not sure.

I'll try to keep that top post updated as we move on.

Tape 7 is ready to go out. Rock tune, @pfoo on drums and somewhat fuzzy bass courtesy @standup.

Who wants to do track 3?

Tapes 5 and 6 are in transit to standup and pearlmanhattan.
I'll gladly take Tape 7 as well.

I’ll get Tape 7 in the mail tomorrow.