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Who wants to do some four-track cassette collaborations this 50/90? I have a bunch of cassettes if anyone needs one to get started.

Here's what's happening so far.

Tape 1 (standard speed): "Sycamore Eyes"
Track 1 @nancyrost - Drum machine and tambourine.
Track 2 @cynthiawolff - Ukulele
Track 3 @zecoop - bass
Track 4 @vomvorton - vocals, lyrics, guitar and cat

Tape 2 (standard speed):
Track 1 @nancyrost - Ashbory bass
Track 2 @cynthiawolff - tambourine
Track 3 @zecoop - drumset
Track 4

Tape 3 (standard speed): "It's Alright"
Track 1 @vomvorton - electric piano
Track 2 @marvsmooth - grooving 5-string bass
Track 3 @zecoop - drums
Track 4 @bachelorb - lyrics and vocals

Tape 4 (standard speed):
Track 1 @marvsmooth - bass guitar
Track 2 @vomvorton - electric delay guitar
Track 3 @nancyrost - electric rhythm guitar
Track 4 @infinitenexus

Tape 5 "Wyatt Earp"
Track 1 @zecoop - drums
Track 2 @standup - guitar
Track 3 @pfoo - bass
Track 4 @bachelorb - lyrics, vocals, harmonica

Tape 6
Track 1 @zecoop - acoustic guitar
Track 2 @standup - bass
Track 3 @pfoo - synth
Track 4 @nancyrost

Hopefully... I picked up a Tascam four-track recently but I didn't realise that it required a tricky non-standard power supply (which was not included in the sale, of course)... so if I can resolve that somehow, I'm in!

This might get me into 50/90 at last... I'd be down. I bet @standup would be in too. Smile

I'm in! There is so much MORE time in 50/90 for mailing packages around the country. Tonight I'm picking up a Tascam to "augment" my old 4-track that will only play back 3 tracks.

There is still a tape manufacturer in business:

Their best cassettes are around $4 each, in cases of 10. The next step down are $.78 each, but the minimum is 100. It would take me a long time to use up 100 cassettes.

Hey, same here. Have what looks to be a brand new Tascam 4 track with no power supply..let me know how you found one! Smile Thanks! @Vom Vorton

Hey [@brrrse], which model do you have? If it's the 424 mkIII then that's the tricky one - I think most of their other models use pretty generic ones that should be easy enough to replace. I've been scouring eBay for the mkIII one but if I can't find one then I'm going to attempt to make my own... which could be a recipe for disaster

I have a 424 MkII with a bad power supply that no one seems to be able to fix. I got a back-up 424MkII off EBay before the cassette resurgence hit... Wish I could get that first one working again though because it is in overall better condition.

I've heard that the MkIII power supplies are difficult due to the specific connector.

It is a Tascam ministudio porta 02. Eta: I just picked up a power cord for it on Amazon for 7.99 usd.

[@brrrse] good work! I'm closing in on a power supply for mine, but I suspect it won't be cheap. All the more reason to make sure I get plenty of use out of it, I guess!

I'm in. @standup can help me figure out how to use the 4-track, or I can add a track along with him. It's always fun to participate, and I'm looking forward to it!

I've started Tape 1 and Tape 2 and am sending them on to [@cynthiawolff]. I'll update this thread's original post to keep track of who's on what tape. Anyone who wants to start another tape or add to one of the current ones, jump in on this thread and we'll get it sorted.

AAAIIIIEEEEEE!!! I Promise I'll get my act together here soon! LOL Got power supply from Amazon.com, plugged in 4 track, powered on, tape FF, REW, Pause, stop and play....visually...then I noticed the jacks on the back.... WOW...I'd forgotten they were so large at one time. And here I sit with all my modern little bitty plug ins...So tomorrow I'm buying a case of jack converters from RadioShak I guess...meh...so close. It's all good though,need them for my USB Audio Interface too... Man I'm such a noob sometimes LOL Smile I should be list ready in the next day or two, I'll let yall know Smile

Ok...thanks Nancy let's get this going...it may be my only participation...50/90 just isn't grabbing me...but the cassette challenge with some of my favorite FAwm buds does...we got loads of time now so we ought to get some cool stuff going on...

I'm in!

I loved the four-track challenge during FAWM Smile

@Vom Vorton - how about a multi-adaptor? I've got a couple of those because of my OLD equipment!

@marvsmooth I assumed I'd be able to use a generic multi-adaptor when I bought it, but for some reason for the MkIII only they used a completely unique power supply that can't be easily replaced.

Luckily I eventually found one on eBay and it should be on its way to me as I write. It was bloody expensive though! But hopefully I'll be up and running in the next couple of days, so I'll put my name down once I've checked everything is working!

Right, I have received my power supply and confirmed that everything is operational (and re-learned how to use a 4-track!)

I would love to be included in the chain for an existing one, or could start one? Anyone other Euro-four-trackers other than me and @marvsmooth ?

@Vom Vorton - you want me to send you something or vice-versa? What speed is your player? Mine is standard speed only Sad

@marvsmooth shall we each start one and send it to the other? My recorder can do standard or high speed, I made sure to get one with both options!

@standup @nancyrost and @Cynthia Wolff I have not had time to even think about writing for 50/90, which is pretty much how it goes every year, but I am definitely up for the 4-track thing!! I'll start two (one with drums and I'll let you know about the other) and would be happy to be added to one too.

Standard post, right? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

still banging on my recorder with a wrench......stay tuned......

I am having a 4-track sent to me I bought on eBay for the 2017 FAWM event. I could use some practice on it if you need some other volunteers. (I have no idea how well, or if, it works, so I might need some time)...

@Cynthia Wolff should have the two I sent. Let us know when you're done and what part you recorded on each and then we'll see who's ready to take them.

@Vom Vorton - sounds great to me. I wish I could do high speed, because I'd love to put some of my 5-string bass down and hear it slowed down to a very grungy sound.

I'm in!!!! My player works and I am happy!!! Let me know if I can be of assistance

still can't get mine working...not giving up though
still got time Smile

@Vom Vorton - I have an idea, but not the time yet... Will sort when I have the time.

@marvsmooth I have the time but not the ideas! Hopefully I'll come up with something this weekend... plenty of time though.

@standup - Tape #6 has acoustic guitar and is ready to send out... who's next? I'll get some drums laid down soon for #5. Smile

Yay! We'll take it!

This will sound odd perhaps, but if you really want me to, then I'll take track three on both tapes one and two, and then send them both off to whoever is number four.

My internet is limited, so it's easier for someone else to mix it and put it up.

@marvsmooth - that's awesome... I can finish both 1 and 2 and mix them down! My 50/90 count is improving rapidly!!! Smile

@standup 4-track number 5 has electronic drums on it and can go to whoever wants it. Smile

@zecoop you could send one or both #5 & #6

@standup - works for me. I'll send them both out together. Smile

I'll get something sorted for Tape 3 this weekend.

@Vom Vorton - I was thinking that for tape four!

@standup - Looks like the cassettes arrived? Just checking, because... you know... FAWM. Wink

I'm in OZ
recording exclusively with 4 track again.

Is there time to reach me?

@anonymouse - there should still be time. Since you're the only one in Oz, I think it would make most sense if you were either on Track 1 or Track 4. Do you have a preference for one or the other?

@Vom Vorton - I'll put something down onto four-track tomorrow and post it to you Smile

Right, I'll try to get something recorded too. I've tried a few times but I really struggle with writing a single part on its own? I might just sequence some drums or something!

@nancyrost sorry, not sure what you mean. Track 1 or 4 for which tape??

@anonymouse of any tape, I guess. So that it only has to make that long trip once rather than doing it somewhere in the middle of the chain.

@Vom Vorton - I've been thinking the same!

Right, tape 3 is up and running. @marvsmooth - details on your soundboard!

@anonymouse What Vom Vorton said - either start Tape 7 yourself, or as soon as one of the current tapes has three tracks on it we'll send it to you to record Track 4 and post the finished product. Just let us know which you prefer.

Hey ZeCoop, we have the cassettes! Thanks for sending Priority Mail. We have a couple parts done, moving a little slowly.

oh ok @nancyrost @Vom Vorton. I think I'd prefer track 4!

This sounds great!

I've added some grooving 5-string bass to @Vom Vorton's electric piano for tape three. Who's up next for me to post it to?