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I haven't seen this thread yet, so I'm creating one. If you're not familiar with it, every year we do 4-people collaborations using 4-track cassette recorders. Each person records a single track, and then sends the tape to the next person by mail, until the last person records their part, mixes the song, and uploads it to the site.

If you have access to a 4-track you should give it a try, it's incredibly fun! Just make sure it supports normal speed, not double.

Tape 1: https://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/51617
1. @pfoo drums
2. @standup guitar
3. @Vom Vorton bass
4. @wobbie wobbit vocals/lyrics

Tape 2: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/52200
1. @elesimo bass
2. @nancyrost wurlitzer
3. @pfoo wurlitzer
4. @standup vocals/lyrics

Tape 6 (from FAWM, high speed): http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/52413
1. @pfoo drums
2. @standup bass
3. @elesimo vocals/lyrics
4. @burrsettles bass

I’m in!

Count me in if people are happy to go transatlantic!

Count me in too.

I'm in. We can send one across the ocean @Vom Vorton

The 4-track thing is a favorite part of FAWM and 50/90 for me. In FAWM we have SO LITTLE TIME. In 50/90 we have plenty of time.

So if you have a 4-track cassette deck in a closet or in a basement, and it still maybe works... Join us. It's pretty fun. Unpredictable and weird at times. But totally fun.

yep i will play please Smile

@pfoo and @standup, I'm working on Tape 6 from FAWM, it arrived in March for me and I saved it for 50/90.

By the way, I just noticed that tape 6 was recorded in high speed.

Anyone interested in finishing tape 6?

Tape 2 is on its way to @nancyrost.

Nancy has tape 2, who would like to go next after her? @standup/@pfoo?

“OK, send it to us.

How's tape 1 going?

@elesimo has anyone claimed track 4 of "Tape 6 (from FAWM, high speed)" yet?

if not, i'd be interested. my 4-track sorta died after FAWM this year, but i just got a replacement (that can do high speed!)...

(and am working on the videos, I promise!) Smile

@burrsettles not yet, I'll send it to you! Are you still at the same address?

Tape 1 has been recorded. Who gets it next, Wobbie Wobbit or Vom?

We'll need an address

Yep I'm happy to have a go, I'll send you my address!

@vom vorton [email protected]

@elesimo Yup! Just sent you an email as well to confirm...

Tape 2 went out this morning.

Tape 6 is on its way to @burrsettles.

Tape 1 is also on the way to Derbyshire.

Hell yeah!

@wobbie wobbit are you still up for finishing this one off once I've added my track?

yeah sure! Smile

Tape 1 just arrived! Looking forward to having a listen and seeing what I can do with it!

@standup are you still planning to start a new "weird" tape? Smile

(I had jokingly suggested you play the drums and @pfoo plays the bass)

Tape 1 is in the post to @wobbie wobbit!

Tape 1 received! thanks VV

@elesimo We have talked about starting another tape but we are running out of time. I've been helping my parents move into a smaller place this summer and I haven't had as much free time for music this year. We will finish tape 2, but that might be it for 50/90 Sad Maybe we can pick up that idea in FAWM - to have folks do instruments or parts they wouldn't normally do. I'd be up for that!

@pfoo no problem, we can try that next FAWM!

tape 1 is posted. Chip Away. (there is a bit where the drums dip in volume but it was like that when i got it!) @pfoo @standup @Vom Vorton

Great work Wobbie! Turned out really well Biggrin

Yay, a tape is done! Love the lyrics!

I have added track 3 to tape #2. The tape has been hand delivered (tape deck as well) to Standup's basement studio.

@pfoo I updated the first post to show that @standup now has the tape! Smile

@standup @burrsettles how's the progress on tapes 2 and 3? No pressure if you're busy and can't make it before the end of 50/90, I just want to know so I can plan my remaining songs to get to 50. Smile

@elesimo @standup @pfoo tape 3 (FAWM leftover tape 6) is up!

sorry for the delay... i totally forgot about this tape until tonight!