$250 thanks to 50/90 :D

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I’m not winning 50/90 this year but it did help me win a ukulele festival songwriting comp against 15 other entrants Biggrin Played Said the bee [*31927]

It is admittedly a super low key affair (my certificate is made of Word Art) but hey, not arguing with cash moneys Biggrin

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Congratulations! Great song btw.

That's awesome!

Kudos! Pocket the money and run! Biggrin



Boom diggity. That's cool!



That is awesome! Congrats

Yay you!!!!

Thanks guys! The real achievement is that I didn’t immediately blow it on more ukuleles. So much temptation Biggrin

Congratulations on the win. I remember listening, and commenting on that song, it was rather good, no wonder you won.

So, how long *did* you wait before blowing it on more ukuleles?
Congratulations on your win!!