20 Songs in a Day - Frustrated Songwriters Handbook

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If anyone has read the Frustrated Songwriters Handbook, or knows about the Immersive Composition Society, the basic idea is to set aside 12 hours, write 20 songs, and then show them to people. I've just taken on a new studio and don't have a whole lot of music work on, so next Friday I'm gonna have a go!

Anyone want to join? Tag with #ICS! I'll be doing it next Friday from about 9AM London time, if anyone wants to join live let me know, and perhaps we can swap emails to encourage each other along on the day.

cool! i love the idea of that, i have read that book, a long way back. i love the idea of it but i am slow.... good luck!

If I did it twice then I could win 50/90. It's tempting but I haven't had enough time to do 20 songs in two months so....

Wow, this this sounds like a self-superskirmish on steroids! I've never heard of the Immersive Composition Society, but will check it out. Thanks for sharing this resource!