10x10 Crossed with Exquisite Corpse Mash-Up Challenge

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Hey! THE SECOND 10x10 Exquisite Corpse is DONE! And the THIRD 10ish x 10ish (actually 12 - bonus round) EC is almost done! Thanks to all who are joining in!!!

NOW - ROUND 4 is going to begin thanks to @dzd’s willingness to seed and stitch! Now we just need YOU! Given we only have a few weeks left we will need people to sign up soon and turn around their song snippets quickly, within 24 hours!

New to the 10ish by 10ish EC?
Here’s how it will work:

Each participant will send their 10+ second (anywhere between 10-20 seconds is fine) song MP3 to the next person in line and to the stitcher

I was the seed and stitcher for round one. @Wolf Kier was the seeder and stitcher for the 2nd 10+ x 10 EC!!! So those in round 2 be sure to send your MP3 or link and lyrics to Wolf along with the next person in line.

@Ferry Colyer is seeder and stitcher for the 3rd 10ish by 10ish EC!!! So those in round three be sure to send an MP3 or link to Ferry along with the next person in line.

@dzd is seeder and stitcher for the FOURTH 10ish by 10ish EC!!! So those in round FOUR be sure to send an MP3 or link to dzd along with the next person in line.

The next person will write their 10+ second corpse to compliment or build upon the song they received and send it to the next person within 24 hours. Yes, 24 hours! It is only 10+ seconds (give or take) and it can be acapella or low-fi.

Are you in? What are you waiting for?

10x10 EC Number 1

1. @kahlo seed - DONE send to @dzd
2. @dzd - DONE sent to me and Wolf
3. @Wolf Kier DONE
4. @Roddy DONE
5. @nate.gerry DONE
6. @lowhum DONE
7. @Valerie Cox DONE
8. @KateStantonSings DONE
9. @Ferry Colyer DONE
10 @kahlo stitcher - DONE!

ROUND 2!!! Rules are the same (see above)

10x10 EC Number 2

1. @Wolf Kier seed DONE!
2. @kahlo DONE!
3. @Valerie Cox DONE!
4. @Mandolinda DONE!
5. @dzd DONE!
6. @Roddy DONE!
7. @wacha DONE!
8. @KateStantonSings DONE!
9. @lowhum DONE!
10 @Wolf Kier DONE!

YES! There is a ROUND 3!!!! Thanks to @Ferry Colyer who volunteered to stitch! Rules are the same and you will send your song to the next person in line and to the sticher - Ferry)

10ish x 12 EC Number 3

1. @Ferry Colyer DONE!
2. @jeustan DONE!
3. @Wolf Kier DONE!
4. @dzd DONE!
5. @lowhum DONE!
6. @Roddy DONE!
7. @kahlo DONE!
8. @davidtaro DONE!
9. @Jibbidy34 DONE!
10. @sunnymae DONE!
11. @KateStantonSings DONE!
12. @Ferry Colyer DONE!!! And that’s a wrap!!!!

AND here is ROUND FOUR thanks to @dzd. Come sign up! You know you want to!

1. @dzd SEED - DONE!
2. @kahlo DONE!
3. @Wolf Kier DONE!
4. @KateStantonSings DONE!
5. @Roddy DONE!
6. @lowhum DONE!
7. @Ferry Colyer DONE!
8. @Mandolinda DONE!
9. @sunnymae DONE!
10. @metalfoot DONE!
11. @dzd STITCHER ….DONE!!!! That’s a wrap!

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sign me up! Great idea!

me too

Thanks @dzd and @Wolf Kier!
You are 2nd and 3rd in the line up, respectively,
@dzd I will send you something tomorrow!

I'll have a go.

Sounds fun!

Thanks @Roddy and @nate.gerry - I’ve added you to the line up in spots 4 and 5, respectively!

The baton has been passed to @dzd !
Still looking for some people to take slots 6,7,8,9!

Sign up via leaving a message in this comment thread and I will put you on the list! These are very short snippets - around 10 seconds, no more than 20… so easy and fun challenge to jump in on! And your short song will be your own following in some way the theme of the song sent to you.

Baton was passed from dzd to Wolf!

Still room for you to sign up! Would love to have you join the challenge!

I'm in too!

Thanks @lowhum I added you!

I'll try if there's room! Thanks!

Yea! Val Cox joined and @KateStantonSings I have added you to the list. You will follow @Valerie Cox so Val is in position 7 and you are in position 8! Thanks for joining! We just need one more but if more join in we can add a few more or start a new chain!

This is moving along nicely! Thanks @Wolf Kier and @Roddy! @nate.gerry you are up!

And we still need one more person for slot #9!

We are set! Thanks to @Ferry Colyer for taking the last open slot!

I just noticed I'm taking part in this too! Here's an extra acknowledgement of that fact Smile

Got it! I'll wait for Valerie then send my work to Ferry Smile

Just sent mine along!

I'm ready, will send it in a few hours when I get back to technology

Sorry for the delay. I didn’t realize lowhum’s messages got sent to my spam folder til yesterday. Now sent my bit to @KateStantonSings

Kate's part: done!
my part: done!

It has launched!!! I will send each of you the MP3 as well so you can post on your own page if you would like!


Thanks so much for playing! It was great fun! Love your creativity!

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That was a lot of fun! I'd be up for another one if someone else wants to start and organize it Biggrin

I'm up for another as well! Great job all concerned. Too much fun. Thanks @kahlo for the idea/organization!

How do you send mp3 to the next person on the list?

I sent you a note on your soundboard. Maybe next week we’ll start a new round! This weekend is a superskirmish!

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@Mandolinda wow I'm an idiot.......I just now caught that you're name is probably Linda Biggrin

Either email, or dropbox/google drive link or some similar service I'm sure there's a bunch, or can use the file hosting here for a link if you have that.

@kahlo I must of been typing Wink but please do! It seems the other corpses dried up and got dusty. I should probably check on that I think I signed up for at least one.

I just tried recording on my phone, and then I sent the message to a friend. So it worked. If you make another 10x10, I now know I can do it, and I would love to join in.

hey hey!!! Round 2 of the 10x10 EC is starting! @Wolf Kier has graciously agreed to seed and stitch this time around! And @Valerie Cox, @dzd, @Mandolinda, and I are already signed up! There are only 4 more spots in round 2! Please leave a comment here if you want to join and I will add you in the order that your comment comes in. If more than 4 people sign up we can start a 3rd round!

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Yah! Biggrin

Mine is sent to Liz! Let's do this!
Thanks again for doing this, Liz.
Looking forward to the mayhem that will ensue... again!
People sending to me theirs to stitch, my email is wolfkier(@)gmail(dot)com.

I'll join in too.

@Roddy you are in the line up! Number 6! 3 spots left!

I’d like to do it again if there’s room! Smile

@kahlo, I'm in for the second one!

The unusual suspects again? Get me in!

Yea!!! The second 10x10 EC is FULL!!! Thanks to @wacha who is now #7, @KateStantonSings now # 8, and @lowhum now # 9! Thanks again to Wolf for stitching! So please send you music and lyric to the next person in line and to Wolf when you are done with your part. Would love to keep this moving and doing our best to turn parts in within a day or so of receiving the segment! Thanks for playing!!!

It's good to see this challenge is so succesful. I'll be happy to be added to a third round, and I'd stitch all seconds together too!

Awesome Ferry! Round 3 will launch with you as the seed song and stitcher! I will get a list up momentarily and hope others will join in!!!

@kahlo that's great, please add me too, and probably, surely @dzd
But I had a suggestion I wanted to make, maybe we can make round 3, 15x15 - since that seems the average time the tracks are running, both in round 1 and as I'm seeing in round 2, plus it's just a pinch easier to complete an idea in that time. Also I know there were a few people who (just) missed out on round 1and 2, so 15 would let a few more people play.
If for some reason we are short of 15 people, I'd do another, and/or the person who does first and last could do a "bridge15"

I wanna play

@jeustan you are in and @Wolf Kier we will allow #3 to go up to 15 if needed! And the 10 sec is just a rough suggestion! Anywhere between 10-20 is fine!

Great. Please add me to round 3. Smile

Yes, 15 seconds is more comfortable to work with (that's what I experienced). It allows more room for music before and after the lyrics too without making things feel rushed. Anyway, thank you Lizzy for starting another challenge in the opening thread.

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Yeah, count me in for as many of these as you want to do Biggrin I'll take a spot in #3 as well!

Ok. I've sent mine to @Mandolinda

Yeah, round 3, sure!

@lowhum and @dzd you are also both added to 10x10 EC #3 where Ferry is the stitcher so yo will send your song to him as well as the next person in line!

If there is a space in the number three 10 x 10 then add me in please.

I have sent mine to @dzd and @Wolf Kier

Thanks @Mandolinda !!!!
And @Roddy I also added you to the 3rd version at spot 6!