1026 Song Endurance Improvisation Challenge

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It's the evolution of my "3in10" challenge...

For every day for a year write three songs. Spend around 10 minutes a day, and try to make each song last close to three minutes, and no less than two. You have 14 cheat days, but you can't count songs you wrote on a previous day.

I'll be doing this, but not starting until January. Next up, I have NaNoWriMo!

Good luck!

I wish I had the time, but I haven't had the time I wanted for 50/90 (although there things I've not posted that would have got damn near fifty, if not over).

Bah, 1,026 is too easy! I'm gonna do the 8,760 challenge where you do one song every hour for a year!

(Just kidding!)

@johnstaples I liked it because the number sounds impressive, but handled as a "3in10 a day" it should be doable. I'm also hoping it'll help me balance song-writing with my other projects.

@marvsmooth It's an improvisation challenge, so it shouldn't take too much time. I want to start playing the acoustic guitar, and this is the sort of thing I can do while practicing a single chord for 10 minutes.

So, @yam655, I find this interesting and want to understand.

I understand:
I do 3 separate, 2-3min improvisations, therefore 6-10mins in total.
I do this every day for a year.

The improvisations can be musical, lyrics, or both.

I am not familiar with the other you comment, NaNoWriMo --if remember correctly is an extensive literary writing effort, --I'm not up for that presently.

-- You comment that here, since you are seeking folks to do it with you and track it somehow? Or, it's just a good idea you are suggesting, --it is Smile Just not entirely sure, so want to be clear.

Your single chord vamp for 10mins is a good strategy. Just say'in, yes, a good idea. If you don't have a method, or are just randomly picking one-off chords, I can affirm that can work. A "method" I use with folks who ask, --so, no you didn't ask, so skip it if not cogent Wink ... I comment below while I have a chance is on my mind:

For acoustic guitar, imo and exp, starting in First Position Open Chords, with D, then modulate (go to) F, then Am, then Em, then C, then G is a nice pattern to work toward and hits many tonal pleasantries to keep one interested if then start bouncing around in a "vamp". Eventually add in B, --which is a bugger for some, or a "fragment" of it, in first position and you can play "any" song. (Eventually, you'll learn the minor/major of the other chords, if endeavour the Triad advise I comment next.)

Therefore, if not familiar, -- add in "thinking" the Triad of that chord and where those notes are, and you'll be in songwriting heaven in about 3 months, "guaranteed" Smile

This "approach" to acoustic guitar is "like" any Diatonic instrument (which the guitar is not, but approaches it that "way")... forget Keys, just go with satisfying Chord "Modulations" (as far as songwriting is concerned).

You're going to wind up in G, D or A, or some part of it. I say that since, in "songwriting" I don't pay attention to keys, I will mix, e.g. A and Am, or I will mix F# and F, or D and Db if it creates a satisfying "feel" (modulation, tension or release), go with it. Also, I use chord "fragments", simply parts of it, in First Position. Yes, you could figure out it's name, B#minor11thadd9sus4 Lol if you want to...

-- That was a rabbit trail...apologies... (aye, take input when it comes, right! Smile )

Well, let me know if I understand you correctly above. Just wondering at this point.

It interests me, how you form, frame this since, for "me", the 310 elements set up and nice "Call and Response" pattern that I "think" I might like to fit into a daily "ritual".

3 songs a day is a lofty goal for a long term challenge like a year. By observation it looks like @Acousticmaddie @Chandra83 @cindyrella @kahlo2013 achieved something close to that this 5090 and in the past I remember @Arthur Rossi being in that upper stratosphere. For me, that is is beyond my time allocation given my typical MO. Even at one song a day this 5090 my brain hurts and I'm taking a week or so off from songwriting. I have had good experience in experimenting with the occasional improvisation (and it's fun), and did do a couple of three in (a little over) ten back-to-back-to-back improvs. However, I feel the need to transcribe the song to make it reproducible, and learn more from it that way. Then sometimes I even tweak the recording levels or add tracks. So even with improvs, I end up spending an hour or more on each improv. To each his own anyway. I have done NanoWrimo the last three years, but this year I'm going to be a rebel again and just write songs and maybe go to a couple of write-ins at my fave coffeehouse, but my main focus will be on National Solo Album Month (NaSoAlMo) with weekly prompt nudges from GYAWS and Song Skirmish. Good luck with the daily 3in10 and with NaNoWriMo @yam655!