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A guy reflecting on a 100 songs in 100 days challenge.

Thanks for that, Pete!

"Writers block will never be a problem again" Word Smile

I get the guilt part. I feel bad that I haven't posted in 3 days.

It is all about time management. This man takes one hour per day for one hundred days. That is probably a good idea as it keeps you writing, playing, and singing. I know when I stop for a while (I am currently experiencing that now) I lose my skills and start going the wrong way. Time management is not my thing though...lol.

I use to put in four or five hours a day during this challenge. Usually it was getting one song a day, but much higher quality audio than a man with just a guitar in a live performance. I made CDs out of most of those. The only problem is some of it sucks. That said, I was a student of audio production and I let the lyrics have less weight than it should have. The music part...I am always there. It is when the lyrics and or the singing is bad that I cannot use the material even though I put in five hours making the new song. Sadly, it was mostly so I could post them on the board, "Hey, I got a new song!"

I made a CD a couple months ago featuring all of my good feeling songs (Greatest Hits). I remastered all of the tracks but the CD has a couple bad ones on it so I will need to cut or fix those. I should be able to get that CD ready to go in less than an hour. The real problem though is do I really want to release the CD and ask for money. I think I should because I paid for that Google Artist lifetime music publishing a couple years ago. But it is worse than that though because I do not have any fans. You know what I am saying? Nobody would ever know that the CD is there unless I tell people (please buy my record) and I do not have a band…so I do not know if I really want to release a CD without having a live act to support that record. Either way, I like that group of songs I put together over the years. Thanks for reading this.

Thanks you for this @PeteMurphy. Many of the observations in the blog sounded familiar.

I liked this quote:“The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.” – Stephen McCranie.

@jcollins Hey Jerry, I for one would like to hear your good feeling CD.