10 x 10 (or so challenge) time!

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Time to start the 10 x 10 challenge!

I sent Val 5 short lyrics and she sent me 5 lyrics. We made and played music for each other’s lyrics and this is the result:


What a really good idea! I enjoyed all your short songs. I'll do some of my own soon. As a far as I can remember the idea was to have 10 songs that might be connected by a theme (but not necessarily) and that they should be around 10 seconds in length. I'm guessing that we can be a little flexible with the 10 second time length.
Is that the general idea?

This is one of my favorite challenges!

@Roddy exactly! 10 very short songs about 10 seconds each, any genre or mix of genres, any type/level of production, and like you say, may be around a theme if you would like or may be random ideas. Totally up to you! Enjoy and have fun! I look forward to your 10x10 as well as yours, @nate.gerry

This is such a fun challenge — I’ve done it twice before in previous years, and look forward to my third go-around soon this year!

Had to give this a try for the first time. Had an insane amount of fun with this tonight.

Here it is! *maniacal laughter* http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/48496

Loving all of the awesome 10x10s - all so different and fun! If I ever have to judge auditions for something, I want the audition tapes to be 10x10s.

OMG I remember my collab effort on this for FAWM 2021 lol that was a marathon !

Couldn't resist. Things got very silly.

@lowhum and I were paired for a random collaboration. He suggested this variant of a 10ish x10 based on paintings we chose - and he put the music together with a video of the paintings.


My first time doing a 10x10! Based on a collection of miscellaneous prompts from my coworkers.