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Many years ago (2010, maybe?) @timwille did the 10 EP challenge in which he took on the persona of a different band and wrote 4-6 songs for each to total 50 songs. I challenge you to write an EP (or 10) in one style or as one band or of one theme this 50/90. With the optional challenge of releasing it on bandcamp as that band.

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Yeah, like I said, I want to do this one. I'd just have to come up with some general ideas as to what the songs are going to be about. And what the different styles are! Maybe I'll just listen to some awesome bands and pick ten most interesting when I start to write.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want to increase my performable filk library, so I might do this with worlds. This would be very fun to do with Firefly maybe.

I like how doing this "bite-size chunks" approach creates the mental illusion of 50 songs being more manageable. I doubt I'll do ten EPs in this manner, but a lot of my output is already under different themes and band "identities" (at least in my own head), so I very well may do at least a few.

This has to be the most difficult challenge ever conceived. Smile

Sounds fun. I already have a few bands (virtual and actual) that I use as constraints to help me write more cohesive groups of songs. I have at least seven, if I'm counting correctly. Three more, hmmm... maybe this is the year I finally get my Strangle Disco act together.

At first, I read about this and shook my head, but I keep coming back to this thread, and it really is starting to make sense. I'm thinking I could do one album of skirmish songs only - and then divide the rest up into other projects. Thank you! This really helped me out!

I'm afraid that none of my stuff sounds anything like the rest of my music.
Is that a problem???

Russ Beee

After scratching and shaking my head like @Tasha Parker Gibbs, I realize that I'm bound to stumble into something with this too. I remember The Turtles releasing an album called Battle of the Bands https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Turtles_Present_the_Battle_of_the_Bands , in which each song was attributed to a different mythical band, including their hit Elenore, so you never know @TheTau.

One thing about this that may make songwriting easier is that if each EP is a 'band' it makes sense to carry the instrumentation from one song to another, so removing decisions around the sound palette for a song. If you stick to a particular genre for each 'band' that would constrain the decision-making process further. Sounds like a good way to limit the effect of choice paralysis.

A variation would be A-side / B-side - after writing one song, you remove all recorded midi/audio, change the tempo and write another song using all the instruments from the previous song; using it as a template.

o.k. so far it is me on guitar and Blind Roland on keys. I will recruit two more members, and get started writing. EP here we come!

oh and I have a half dozen themes running around my brain

I'll probably try one or two of these. Sounds like a super interesting idea!

Alright, I have some ideas (bad Juha, Bad!)...

1) Symphonic metal style EP with pretty much just one song. I've been thinking about this for months now. That's what's going to happen. It'll be... something. Biggrin

2) I really want to do something like Rob Zombie. Just simple songs with a badass beat to them.

3) Synthwave! Definitely. It's always a part of whatever I do, so I'm going to have to leave room for it.

4) I'm thinking something really, super basic, maybe Beatles-y stuff. I'm thinking lyrics that people can sing along with.

5) Something completely off the wall. I want to go crazy with the sounds and the production. Most likely synth stuff.

6) Piano stuff a la Ludovico Einaudi or something. I need more material that I can just play by myself.

7) I don't have many rock songs even though it's the genre I most listen to. Maybe I'll combine 3 Doors Down, AC/DC, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, Journey, Bastille, Eddie Money, Heart etc. and just use the same style to turn them into a cohesive EP. In fact, if you had to divide these to two groups, how would you do it?

eight) I love Machinae Supremacy and all that chiptune stuff they incorporate in their stuff. Same as CarboHydroM. I'm going to try to make chiptune metal EP.

9) I don't really listen to stuff like this, but maybe I can make it my own. Something like Nine Inch Nails and idk The Smiths? Very repetitive hypnotic stuff maybe with some dreamy elements like electric piano etc. And a lot of delays.

10) I wanna split the rock section to two. Make another EP with more angry and bizarre rock. Fast and tough. The other can be more soft.

What a great challenge. It'll be like having a whole set of secret identities! Even coming up with names for the 'bands' will be really interesting.

I like this challenge. I'm thinking of albums in different languages, with the help Help of Google translate.

Ok. New band is Transformer Pop. Wow so much speed and versatility! Hope I can keep up with these guys.

Do we have to release the songs from each project in order? Or can you collate your songs together later as you build up your submissions?

I've got too many ideas for EPs. I gotta start cutting something off. :<

@auldy - Nope. Do what you want. The idea is to be creative. If that is alternating songs on different projects then please feel free to do so.

This is a super cool challenge and I love it. Biggrin

@katpiercemusic Indeed. I'm still trying to find the time to record my Firefly EP. I wrote it during FAWM 2015, and aside from the scratch demos, and a quick one take performance video, it rarely sees stage time, since I haven't performed conventions.

I completely abandoned this idea once the challenge started. It's still on the back burner for September, when the muse seems more distant and the nights seem so long.

Btw, I'd like to hear that Firefly EP when you're done.