‘DARK MOON’ Skirmish: Monday - 21 August, 4pm EST/9pm BST/1pm PST

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Stay tuned for the 1-hour ‘Dark Moon’ skirmish on MONDAY, AUGUST 21st.

4pm EST/9pm BST/1pm PST
In countries like Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, and so on, the starting time will be 10pm.

I’ll ‘bump’ the thread in good time to remind y'all. Wink


The USA has a Dark Streak across the center of the lower 48.
Starts at Olympia on the west coast and goes full blown
all the way to Charlotte on the east coast.
The true winner of this one would have to write a song in 7.5 minutes
Seems like something or someone is trying to keep us in the Dark.
Oh come on Man!!!
Am I goina have to write a song in the Dark...?

Russ Dirol

What a cool idea for a Skirmish Smile I'm in !

Extra points for Floyd references? Smile

@TheTau 7.5 min? I can do that. Have done.

The only way I can even imagine writing a song in 7.5 Minutes, Ok
is to use one finger on the keyboard to create a melody only... nothing else.
Even if the song was less than 3 and a half minutes. Even then,
It would still take more than four minutes to finish up the recording and post it to 5090.
Is this even physically possible? Nea
Russ Dirol

It's quite possible for me Wink But I'm a special duckling. it's not possible for everyone. Smile

I didn't think Canada was close enough along the Ecliptic (you know ...down by the Equator)
to even see the "Dark side of the moon" during such an unusual event as this.
But I'll give you this one, since you are living on planet earth.
Russ Dirol

@Tasha Parker Gibbs
Well, my good friend. Preved I'm afraid that both of us have gone "Quackers"
Russ Dirol

@TheTau Well, you know, I thrive on challenges. LOL.
But yeah. I won't be on the path of seeing it, as you observe. But it'll still be all over the news, even so.

I am not in it's path, but sounds fun non-the-less.

Ooh. I'm very interested.

I have decided to tackle this one as a "Practice Challenge," just to see if I can even do it.

So here is my Approach to this:
1) Cheat:
Well, by that mean I'll set up a pre-recorded "Drum trak." 100 bars with a BPM set fast enough to get in under 7.5 minutes
That way I can get by with only recording one musical trak.
2) Record a piano trak (melody Only) one finger only...
playing the melody against the pre-recorded "Drums."
3) Finally, I will start the Piano melody recording at exactly The 5090 start time, which is roughly 24 hours from now.

Fortunately Melody is my strong point. I could never do this with lyrics only.

Added Bonus if I get it posted before 7.5 minutes
Additional Points for being the first to Post a song in the 2017 5090 Challenge.

Oh YEA! You're free to attempt the Challenge

Wish me luck...

Russ Dirol

cts's picture

Wait, what? @TheTau, this isn't until August, right?

@TheTau You're jumping the gun, Russ. Wink I was simply putting dibs on the DATE (AUGUST 21), as i want to host the skirmish then because an interesting celestial event will be taking place.

So folks, please wait until AUGUST 21st if you want to do this skirmish. That's when I'll be announcing the actual topic details. Wink

You are absolutely right @Donna Devine, Give rose and @cts.
I don't know what came over me, I must have gone out of my mind, Crazy
becoming so obsessed Blush
No telling what might have happened. Scratch one-s head
Wow, who knows I could have started an epidemic of Hyperbole,
or even brought about the other end of the world. Cray 2
Demons talking over our thoughts, (nobody can take over your thoughts.)
Dogs sleeping with Cats in the streets... Naked.
(I stole that one from "Ghost Busters." I just added Naked at the end of it).

I need to go outside and have a mental breakdown, Fool
I'll be right back, after this next commercial
Russ Dirol

Hi @Donna Devine

I just made a Skirmish Master list and added this Skirmish Smile The number for it is A21a or #skirmishA21a Smile