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Is there a chat room running? asks the bored board reader. I've seen vague references to slackchat but no signpost. (Is that a valiant attempt to exorcise Flying Tadpole?)

There's a channel on Slack that's usually active - I'm at work and can't remember what it is... Anyone?

If it needs you to be invited to join, I think @tcelliott might be able to help out.

Thank you. I actually found and remembered my password, just as well because I've just discovered I've misplaced my password book ==8(

If anyone wants an invite follow this link that our good buddy @Errol set up for us some time ago:

You have to download an app? I do wish I'd known that before going through the sign-in process. I definitely don't have room for any new apps right now.

You should be able to access it via your browser. The app is available, but I go through the web browser with no problem.


@simpleiscomplex you can visit via web browser as Pearl mentioned. The app is cool but not necessary.

Maybe it's because I'm using a Kindle Fire, which is sort of a non-standard tablet, but the link above actually takes me straight to I had to go into the browser's menu and use the long-forgotten "desktop site" option to get it to display anything else but a giant button leading to the app store.