When does the FAWM site open?

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Can't find this anywhere. When will the FAWM site open?

Thanks. Smile

It's inconsistent but typically the crowds return mid January so I would imagine that Burr will relaunch it sometime around then.

Okay, thanks. Smile

yes i think he said mid Jan fawm will open and 50/90 will close

January 15 is the opening date now posted on the FAWM page.

I was gonna say not till next year, but I guess I'm a week late for that joke.

So close... Starting to get excited!

Apparently should be some time this weekend, now.

Or shortly thereafter.......

Here's the skinny: the web hosting service we've used for the last decade or so closed up shop, so I've had to migrate to another one... and underestimated how much work that would be, since not everything is compatible. So still working on it...

We thank you for all your hard work, @burrsettles, and look forward to seeing the new FAWM site!!!

Yup, what @Fuzzy said. We appreciate you.