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Songwriter/performer Kristin Hersh posted something yesterday (she says she got it from Beauty Pill):

"The word decadence has a French and Latin derivation and it combines two implications: pleasure and destruction."

Now THAT's the kind of thing that might make it into a song...

"Sing a song of Decadence
The word has a French and Latin derivation
And it combines two implications:
Pleasure and destruction"

Nah. Doesn't quite work for me Biggrin

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Besides the implications it contains the words decade and cadence. You can also misread it as Decca Dance...
I'm just to tired to develop this further but thanks for the spark.

Sing a song of decadence
A word derived from Latin, French
Combining implications two
Much pleasure, but destruction too

No wonder we leapt at the chance
To be swept up in Decca's Dance
To fill our heads with heady fragrance
Decades of a pleasant cadence

A dead end decade:
Dad needed a cane
and ceded a deed;
a cadence, and a dance, ended.

I made a list of all the words I could find in "decadence" and then tried to assemble something from only those. Long Live Limits!!

Let's have a little decadence
A little Rome a little France
Nero's playing happenstance
The world's on fire. Shall we dance?

Might actually continue with that.

I like that one, the world's on fire, shall we dance? So Nero has to make an appearance, and you'll need a fiddler.

Fiddle-de-da. Fiddle-de-di
Do the deca-dance with me