Anyone still writing?

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I am.

I think I may just, as/if I get to musication, put them on the:
FAWM song writers that want to post their recorded music, Public group

Little bit of inductive comment, maybe:
Me, I don't have a "Facebook" page, so to speak, not like you all may and with even multiple use versions. I only just allowed messaging to me there, -- well recent for me. I'm not going to re-address my Facebook warnings, opinions and paradigms at this point (they originate from when FB first went on-line and I warned everyone! Smile hahhh, ahhh, history...).

And otherwise, if even restated, -- I don't want, need or use a "Music Promotion" page, or any promotion page, for many reasons (I'm not selling a n y t h i n g, and my advice is free Wink if even very valuable! Smile ) . And (and and and Smile ) I am not really into "Groups" and all the krappe and politics (and how do I become famous?!? stuff, krappe, stuff, krappe... Wink ), -- after they've been around for a year or two and evolve, change and etc. OMG.

So, just fyi'in that part of it too.

I will restate if anyone can see the "Flea" (a pretty good bass player imo Smile ) -- autobiography interview done the other day, I think it was "CBS"..., not sure now; some morning-mourning-news thing. Anyway, my meaning in that is, if you watch how he authentically reacts to life, music moments, questions, memories, -- "that" is me when engaging "music" anywhere, no agenda or hierarchy of thought krappe, just, about, the, m u s i c Smile

So, what? Well, I just want to explain as I put my stuff here and there, "that's why". You'll only see my "stuff" "here" in general (there, fawm - et alia) and BandCamp, -- no streaming promos that one can't log into anyway Smile hahhh!

I guess I'll say too, I fully realize and still do pretty much only "write" a "better off performed" kind of song, than a "RECORD" song. I've had that discussion with friends many times, over time and they acknowledge that there is a difference to make a point of here too. Now, could a like minded pro producer engineer a "radio" track of mine, sure. But, so what? And have a song I could never "do", not "Live". Kinda like when KISS when acoustic and w/o make up Smile hahhh, -- two different bands, musicians, songs (and even my Dad asked "who's that, sounds good", OMG!!! OMG... beer hall, or blue grass hillbilly music lover that he was Wink ...

Ok, rabbit trail ended.

of course im still writing. i couldnt stop if i wanted to. after 50 years and over 1000 extant songs, my brain is conditioned and trained to translate everything i see, feel, and think into songs.

After taking a break from the songwriting I'm starting to write once again. Audio is another hobby of mine so I spend a lot of time jacking around with my projects. Interesting to me that I didn't use a high-pass filter on my guitars or vocals this year. I forgot why I decided I would not be doing that. Anyway, should all my time be free? Should my stories in audio be free? Should my music be free? No, but it should be cheap enough for friends and family to buy. Not mp3 but CD ready to burn quality...for free...hmmm. Definitely not free. I have thousands of dollars in equipment and software. Mp3 quality is always free. To get the full high-quality tracks together you need to buy. If people buy my albums I will likely be able to afford to buy their albums too. Promotion is a pain in the ass as is making artwork for your releases. Then there is the upload and tagging your music. It takes me a long time to upload albums. Yes, fans need to pay because I want them to have access to the high-quality version for FLAC digital or CD.

I still write, dribs and drabs.

Always! What else is life for? Smile

I am currently participating in the National Solo Album Month (NaSoAlMo, November) challenge (still 22 days to jump in at 29:09 of solo material, one song may be a cover) and dabble in the concurrent National Novel Writing Month. I also sometimes use National Poetry Writing Month in April similarly. TBH I don't really 'stop' writing per se. FAWM (in February), 5090 (July through September), NaSOAlMo (now), and a couple of Facebook groups, I write 2-5 songs per month in-between FAWM, 5090, and NaSoAlMo.

I've gone back to working on my white whale... a musical synopsis of King Lear. Also just started working on adapting one of my 50/90 songs so I can perform it on ukulele. One of my open mic spots has scouts from Eisenhower Hall coming tomorrow and they're offering a recording contract. I'm fairly certain of who else will show and I know I won't win, so I'm not worried about putting this together last minute (I just found out about it yesterday... I wouldn't normally blow something like this off like that).