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For everyone who is still here, hope you are enjoying a wonderful Autumn time. I've discovered an amazing link of a piano teacher who shares her tips on learning the piano. If you are interested in some very inspiring tips, here is one of the links. I recommend to watch her other videos too, she is a fantastic piano teacher who brings light and happiness to absolutely everything she is saying about. I would watch her videos as musical therapy too as she uplifts the mood and makes people smile and feel better. An amazing person, a true star! Here is the link for making arpeggios fun, creative tool, learning to play the piano with the smile, etc.

Thanx for that link; I will definitely check it out.
I have a piano in the basement that I don't really know how to play.

You are very welcome. If you look at her main page for the videos you'll find lessons for the beginners. She is a great inspiration and she is making everything easy, clear and inspiring. Please let me know how you are getting on. I love it when songwriters learn the piano. Such a great instrument.

Wow, yeah, she's a pretty good teacher.
There sure is a lot of great info here; I just took a deep dive and am a bit overwhelmed.
I've already picked up some good tips and will definitely be trying my best on the keyboard.
Thanx again for the link.

You are very welcome. She is a great teacher and she keeps uploading new videos. Every video I watched is amazing. You don't have to watch the whole video, you can take each tip separately and stop the video, try it a few times, then go onto the next part of the video and bit by bit you'll find you can learn it easily without feeling overwhelmed. Liz makes it all so clear, a real pleasure to listen, to watch, to have a go at her ideas and to come up with more ideas. She is encouraging everyone to come up with more and more. So glad you've found the videos interesting. Thank you for letting me know you liked Liz's tips.

I will take a look at this series-- I would love to be able to play piano better than my fumbly fingers currently permit! Thanks for the link, Nadia!

You are very welcome Alex.