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Do you have a single (one) song that has not been given the attention it deserves? Would you like more feedback on it? Is it lonely? Is it a song from the middle of a skirmish or that was posted in the middle of barrage. Was it simply overlooked?

Post the link to a single song that you'd like me to listen to and I'll do my best to listen to them all and comment if I can.

Also, feel free to do the same to the other songs in the thread. We can get everyone involved to do a group hug version of a comment circle.

I've been kind of M.I.A. for 50/90, unfortunately. I'm super sad about it too! I didn't do any welcome images, I've only left probably 1/10th of the comments I usually do, and I've just been so overly focused on Wilmas & Bettys.

I'd like anyone who hasn't heard it to take a listen...I changed the media type from Soundcloud to YouTube so folks can see the music video. I worked super duper hard on it and I'd love for anyone to watch it <3

here is one of mine that got passed over. its about a fathers self sacrifice to save his daughters life during wartime.

I enjoyed both songs.
I'll put one here as well, since it looks like it's just us three. It's a collab with @Adnama17 which I think was a little overlooked. No obligations, of course. I'm gonna leave this one hear and promptly listen to you guys's

Thanks for these guys! I've enjoyed each of the songs you posted above. Smile

I listened to the ones shared here - I'm surprised more people didn't add theirs.
If you're looking for overlooked songs, here are some places to check out:

The first few songs someone posted in early July. Yes, they got a lot of comments at first, but then were forgotten about as the songs started piling up. If you haven't heard them, they're new to you.
Collabs and demos updated - there's a thread for those. Lyrics that get music later sometimes get overlooked, from my experience.
Instrumentals - it's been said in other threads that those don't get as many comments as songs with vocals.

As for me, I have a few, but I've come to understand that just because a song has few comments, that doesn't mean much about the song itself. One of mine with just a couple comments is one I know for sure I'll be performing in November.

the only thing i have learned from the relative number of coments received is the value of a good title...and afew ideas on what makes a good title. i am often supried when a song of mine that has what seems to me a good title gets few plays, while a less descript title may draw more interest. also dont underestimate the value of liner notes and buzz words.

This one got posted in the middle of the superskirmish, I think. Would love for more folks to hear it.

Glad this thread got bumped, and that song Helen posted above is indeed a good one!

And yes, songs posted during skirmishes that aren't part of those skirmishes often get overlooked. I bet that happened a lot that last weekend of the challenge.

Another way to find overlooked songs is to go to the pages of the people still posting in forums and find songs with just one or two comments.

I plan to be around commenting at least through the upcoming weekend, so here's another thread I can check.

I’m still listening a bit, so this thread is helpful.

My sweetie and I did a collab late in the game that not many people heard. We were trying to get a Wish-you-were-here-ish Pink Floyd sound.

I had so many great listens so thx to all! Marthie did a few great collabs with me right at the end however which slipped by - this being the best i think

It’s a simple lyric, I just happened to like, but did not musicate. I hope to, but eh, when Smile

This one demo was added late and actually two people added demos. Roel did a demo which is at this link and Marthie did a demo that I linked to in the liner notes. I love them both and they are very different. If you could take a listen to one of them iL’d love your thoughts and will be back to listen to others in this thread tonight!

This was updated with music, put it there in that thread, maybe it'll have more luck here Smile I realise there' no one around, but what the heck, worth a try Smile :

Ditto for this one too for Larry Wheeler (Kingwood Kowboy):
(Turned out as what I call a lullaby, -- 'cause, it's what I'd sing to a wee one, "... saddle and blanket..." being home in bed how I see it.)

I can't know about you-all, but I'm still working on my place-holders here too, aside from Rocktober. Tracks 21, 60, 61, 62, 63/64, -- well 63/64 was a Kingwood Cowboy lyric collab that got musicated, -- but the others are lyrics to be musicated, or that's the hope.

Yep, yep, yep..., still a few above that still need a look'n uber... Smile

I think I went through and commented where I thought I'd have any meaning, or want of comment..., but hey, may have missed something someone wants to hear from "me".

Just say'in; the squeaky wheel, no matter how off key, gets oiled Smile or hammered off and replaced? Wink hahhh!