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Dunno if anyone noticed but I've kinda dropped off the map the last week or so. I'll be back, I promise. Just getting life together a bit and enjoying some family visitors. See you soon I hope!

I was wondering what happened. Glad you will be back!

Looking forward to your coming back Alex. Have a great time.

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I'm also a bit detached this year. Right now I'm travelling through Wales and the UK. Will be back at the end of the week.
Edit: I meant England. Thanks @helen! Hope you can forgive a stupid tourist...

Wales is part of the UK...

Of course we noticed. We know you do lots of stuff so it's all good. Looking forward to your return.

Noticed, noted, and take care.

Hope you are ok now mate

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A little rest is a good thing, my friend. Glad to read you're enjoying time with loved ones.