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Maybe "Come and Get It" and "All Things Must Pass"?

Things were very messy between the Get Back sessions and the Abbey Road ones, but "The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions" uses 1st July '69 as the cutoff as there was nothing recorded in the Abbey Road logs for June - even though some Beatles actively used the studios.

Excluding anything that ended up on "Let it Be" that gives us:

"The Ballad of John and Yoko"
"Old Brown Shoe"
technically both of the above were part of the Get Back sessions, but that single preceded Abbey Road

"Come and Get It" (given to Badfinger)
"What's the New Mary Jane" - originally White Album sessions but John Lennon reworked it as a potential Plastic Ono Band track

And that's pretty much it. A lot of the songs that I expected to list here that later turned up on solo albums were actually part of the Get Back sessions and Abbey Road was unusually focussed with very few extra tracks recorded.

I can't remember whether Rocktober has tackled "Let it Be", but if not some time in the future "Let it Be"/"Get Back" would provide a lot of songs to try.

Ok, I've added the new tunes to the first post.
I'm gonna do "What's The New Mary Jane?".
I love that track.
So weird.

May I do Bathroom Window? That was one of the first songs I ever did with a band. Smile

Several years ago. (Somebody help me here.) We did Let It Be as a 50/90 challenge. Everyone used the Beatles song titles, but wrote different music and lyrics.

put me down for 'here comes the sun'

I've been sitting here watching football and working on a wild medley/mash-up of "Wrong Em Boyo" (from The Clash London Calling) and "Polythene Pam" from Abbey Road.

Please put me down for "Golden Slumbers"

@corinne54 - And which Abbey Road track do you want to cover when you wake up? Smile

In the eve of the dawning matriarchate I also suggest an alternative "songs with women's names" - I will be definitely doing some of them.
Here are some humble suggestions from the internet:

I’m not going to be able to officially do Rocktober after all. Will be in the middle of a move, so I’d rather hang loose.That opens up “Oh Darling” for somebody else.

I'm trying to turn my fascination with toy instruments into a full blown phase. I already do a uke version of Ocotopus' Garden on uke. Put me down for it. I want to try a toy piano instrumental version.

I might have a stab at "Something", all being well.

I would wipe this out...can't do it...but a fun video.

Eddie Money ahs died.

Hey, folks, does anyone know how to contact @Eric Distad?
I'm thinking that it would be nice to figure out where Rocktober is gonna be hosted.

I’ll send him a message but he’s in the middle of moving states so...

Eric says it’ll be the same as the past few years. He will turn it on a few days shy of October. It’ll be an extension of this site as usual. We’ll let you know the link etc then.

I suppose I'm gonna do "Come Together".
I may also do Pink Floyd's "Brain Damage/Eclipse" and the Beatles' "Dear Prudence", since they both have similar guitar figures (and I like to listen to them back-to-back before I go to bed).
And as repeated in prior forums, I'm going to cover the entire In the Court of the Crimson King album (which was released in October 1969, shortly after Abbey Road).

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@Edward Roussac The entire ItCotCK album? Hopefully not in a kind of "Stars on 45-Medley" Biggrin

Thank you for contacting Eric and getting that figured out, @tcelliott.

I might give Come and Get It a stab as well, but I'll only promise Because since my wife REALLY wants us to work on some Turtles covers (her current musical obsession)

The Rocktober links on the site are now available, in prep for Rocktober. But there's still a few days left in 50/90! Happy writing!

Just for clarification, the link is on the left hand side of the computer screen under add new song etc., and the link to rocktober songs which will populate once we post rocktober songs is there as well:

My attention, for no reason I can see got turned to, -- Jackson Browne, "Running on Empty" album, - 10 tracks and just sort of resonating currently. Well, if I even get back to it, this!, up in the air too recently.

How come 'I want you' is not taken yet? Maybe because it's just too perfect to even touch it? It's my absolute favorite Beatles song, but I don't want to cover it because there's nothing that can be differently without messing it up.

So, put me down for 'Sun King'.

Gosh, @ampersandman, I think you are pretty courageous to tackle "Sun King". I look forward to hearing your version.

I think the liner notes on that album really got to me, e.g., - recorded in the hotel room, and etc. Then found out the kick drum on one track was a box with a pillow. Gave me hope, hahhh! Smile

Hey, @TomS! I see you're signed on for "Bathroom Window." Last night I was working up "Polythene Pam" and of course it segues right into "Bathroom Window" so I started playing that, too. Perhaps we should figure out a way to combine/collab our songs.
The chord changes to both songs humbled me as a songwriter. Both straight ahead rockers, yet chord progressions I would have never thought of.

Oh screw it, my brain told me I am going to do "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" as well. Thanks, brain.

I may attempt a couple of covers, but I'm not a fan of the Beatles. And I couldn't do justice to anything from Rocky Horror. Is it okay to cover anything else?

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@Dragondreams sure, at least that's my plan.

@Dragondreams like sph said, and other, -- sure why not. That's why I'm speaking about my alternatives and enjoying the thought of it, if I get to it. Today's the first day of the rest of October Smile so, we'll sea...

You can cover any song you would like.
Here we go....

Hmm since 50/90 ended up being 5/90 instead I think I want to give Rocktober a shot. Plan to cover some tunes by Daniel Johnston, Mark Hollins, Scott Walker, Silver Jews and other artists that have inspired me that has died recently.
From Abbey Road I'll attempt to do The End.

post deleted.

JamKar-- no worries; the site is glitching. I liked what you did for Come Together! It seems that the Rocktober songs aren't currently displaying.

Got "Come Together" up.

I'll take "The Ballad of John and Yoko" if it is still available?


I was going to sit out Rocktober, but I’m tempted to do Maxwell’s Silver Hammer - the song that “everyone hates”!

@Chip Withrow cool! I've already done a sort of test recording of the backing tracks. I have a crazy schedule for the next two days because of a conference I'm running but after that it's clear sailing. Smile

what is the best procedure for responding to rockktober comments? dont know whether to respond in the rocktober comments on the particular song or to send a message to the commenters 50 90 soundboard.

We'll, @billwhite51, good luck to you if you can access people's Soundboard; the profile pages seem to be down more often than not.

Hmmm...just learning about Rocktober this year. I have never done "cover" songs and kind of consider The Beatles sacrosanct (what--should we take turns rewriting The Bible, too?) Wink

I AM interested in covering some Beach Boy songs, since I still want to be a Beach Boy when I grow up (I'm 67...). Is that okay? I want to do them to study the harmonies and arrangements for educational purposes anyway. For the record: I love The Beatles the most.

im looking forward to your beach boys covers Jerry, I was never a fan of either the beach boys or the beatles, but i enjoy hearing the music of those people who were inspired by them. i especially like hearing the beach boys infuence on your own music.

We could probably reply to rockytober comments here in some thread. At least until some profiles are down.

Surprisingly to me, looks like my first Rocktober track this year will be a collab Billy Joel cover, with my wife playing piano and me singing... EDIT: and done. Biggrin

I just put up 21st Century Schizoid Man yesterday (some of you have already noticed)

Anybody doing Rocktober noticing the addition of Capcha to commenting? I’m terrible at these and sometimes have to do 3 or 4 or 5 before I get them right. Going to discourage people from commenting. Or maybe it’s just me.