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Hey, folks.

This year's Rocktober album is "Abbey Road".

Make your song choice and I'll put your name next to it.

I'm assuming that we will make the Side Two medley in to individual songs.

Yes, we can have more than one person doing each song, so if your favourite is taken, no worries!

(To be clear, you do NOT have to participate in covering a song from this album if you don't want to - feel free to cover ANY tune you would like).

* Abbey Road *

1. Come Together - @JamKar, @Edward Roussac
2. Something - @headfirstonly
3. Maxwell's Silver Hammer - @marvsmooth (maybe)
4. Oh! Darling -
5. Octopus's Garden - @ductapeguy
6. I Want You (She's So Heavy) - @ampersandman
7. Here Comes the Sun - @mike skliar
8. Because - @metalfoot
9. You Never Give Me Your Money -
10. Sun King - @ampersandman
11. Mean Mr. Mustard - @Fuzzy
12. Polythene Pam - @Chip Withrow
13. She Came in Through the Bathroom Window - @TomS
14. Golden Slumbers - @corinne54
15. Carry That Weight -
16. The End - @Mt.Mélodie
17. Her Majesty -


Old Brown Shoe -
Ballad of John & Yoko - @jcollins
Come And Get It - @metalfoot (maybe)
What's The New Mary Jane? - @Fuzzy

I do lots of covers of Grateful Dead songs on my Facebook and Instagram pages. And I can do lots more. October is my rehearsal time for a Grateful Dead-themed Thanksgiving Day yoga class I provide the music for. As for hosting, I know we've had a site before - an offshoot of this one - but I wonder if a couple of threads within the existing forums would suffice? Like, one for Beatles, and one (or more) for everything else. (One for Grateful Dead, even!)
I'll put mine on Soundcloud, or maybe even that YouTube account that I seldom use.
I know that my idea might not be the best for commenting, but we seldom get a big Rocktober turnout. I participate more some years than others - I may have done 2 songs last year. And I usually do one song from the suggested Beatles album.

I'm down for either Rocky Horror or the White Album. Dibs on Rocky Racoon.

OMG, Rocky Horror would be FUN! I am also partial to the White Album. But you really cannot go wrong with Abbey Road either. Maybe Side Two could be done as a collab/corpse type of project or just split into several mini songs? I do agree with @Fuzzy that the White Album probably has more variety so something for everyone.

Hi, I want to call dibs on Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

we did the white album, about ..six years ago or something? (doesn't preclude doing it again, but we've never 'done' Abbey Road- and those side two songs could be done both as individual songs and as part of a larger thing, whatever works- so I guess I'd vote abbey road.
not a big rocky horror fan, tho, sorry (but hey, if you are, go for it)

I'm all the way in for a group cover album! I'll take whatever scraps people don't want to do.

“Songs of The Civil War”, various

The consensus so far seems to be for "The White Album".....

Rocky Horror!!!!!! Biggrin

Let's do two! The White Album AND Rocky Horror!

I think I wanna do "Happiness Is a Warm Gun" for The White Album. Hmmm, "I'm So Tired" and "Yer Blues" are great too! I'm a huge Lennon fan!

I wanna do "Science Fiction" for Rocky Horror!

“Follow the Drinking Gourd”, Richie Havens,
— Songs of The Civil War; and likely one other. Well, the plan as of now.

I would go Abbey Road, then White Album, I'm not a rocky horror either! I was hoping it would be like last year if Eric could leave it here! It was fantastic fun (which is amazing as i generally really don't like covers) heard some awesome stuff!

I'm in favour of Abbey Road, personally (though The Turtles' Battle of the Bands would be fun too!)

I guess I'm the only old-timer around here who remembers when we did 'white album' about six years ago or so?
so as i said earlier, I'd vote 'Abbey Road' as well.

@mike skliar - maybe you're just the only old-timer who still has a functioning memory Smile Actually, looking back at my Rocktober songs, I did "Why Don't We Do It in the Road?" as a dubstep track in 2012, so that was "White Album" year.

I'd love to try doing Rocktober - never have. The Beatles could work for me - Abbey Road might be nice. I'd love to do "Come Together" - maybe because my mother forbid me to listen to that song. Smile

Can't delete this comment.

@mike skliar (why can't I tag?) anyway, would love to hear that! ("Why Don't We Do it in the Road") as a dubstep.

Looks like votes are going to Abbey Road. I'll get that organized in the original post later today.....

@mike skliar, so, just to be sure, did The White Album already get done at Rocktober? Biggrin

I am thinking about, as well:
Rocky Horror Picture Show - I'm Going Home

So, maybe I'll have three then.

When my house clears out, I'll be able to think better ? maybe Smile

OK, folks, I've updated the original post; Abbey Road" it is (although I'm not sure I'll be able to properly cover any of those tunes...).

Let me know your preferences here and I'll put your name next to the song in the list at the top of this page.

Come Together. If that is already taken, then Golden Slumbers.

I'm still doing songs from The White Album! Biggrin

Also, as @Fuzzy said you can cover ANY song including a song from Abbey Road that is already being covered. Right?

Oh yes, I think I said "Come Together" but if it's taken, I could do "Oh Darling." That might even be better for me.

I don't want to do beatles, myself. If I do something for Rocktober, it might be "Rich Girl" by Hall & Oates or "When You Were Mine" by Prince. Or maybe @pfoo and I can come up with another medley like the one that worked out well last year.

I don't even know half of the songs on Abbey Road. Still, good idea as covering The Beatles is traditional in this group. I'd rather try something a little easier...what would you do if I sang out of tune...would you stand up and walk out on me?

Yeah do any cover you like. I did a couple of songs off the chosen album and a couple of randoms. Doesn't matter how many people cover the same song, thats half the fun.

Some ramblings here ...
I perform "Come Together" from Abbey Road pretty regularly, and I used to do "Rocky Raccoon" (what acoustic performer hasn't?). I bet "Rocky Raccoon" would sound good with some banjo. (I did a banjo version of "I've Got a Feeling" when we did Let It Be a couple years ago.)
In eighth grade or so, I learned how to fingerpick "Blackbird" during the few months I took guitar lessons. I have a couple ideas for a different approach to that one ...
There are a bunch of White Album songs I could do guitar/vocal.
"Polythene Pam" on Abbey Road stands out as one I could have some fun with. I don't think the Abbey Road songs are as approachable as guitar/vocal as the White Album songs.
One album I've thought it would be fun to cover in a something-for-everyone way is London Calling by The Clash.

Yes, I thought the same hing, @Chip Withrow; "Abbey Road" is not as approachable as "The White Album".
Shall I put you down for "Polythene Pam", then?

I took "Mean Mr. Mustard".

@Chip Withrow, I've long held that London Calling is the greatest album ever recorded. Smile

London calling would be fun. I might do something off that! Maybe Spanish bombs or guns of Brixton.

@Fuzzy - Yes, I'll do "Polythene Pam."

@TomS and @coolparadiso - Good to hear from my fellow London Calling fans! I was the only eighth grader in my school in Ohio who knew or cared about that album. Occasionally I will perform a slow acoustic version of "Brand New Cadillac."

@Chip Withrow, my high school band once did a version of Train in Vain with the addition of a Hammond and a cellist playing through a flanger. Oh my it was actually good. (Even better was our version of Numan's Cars...)

Oh, I'm up for anything off of London Calling. And actually, Sandanista! and Combat Rock have some very weird tunes that would be fun to cover.

'london calling' does indeed have some great songs in there! and i haven't heard sandanista in years, but i think in that three-lp sprawl there were a few good tunes buried ('charlie dont surf', I vaguely remember?). As for Abbey Road, I always wanted to try to do something interesting/strange to 'here comes the sun'. that middle section with the 11/4 time alternating with bits of 4/4 (or whatever it is) is such a great moment.. It's amazing how after all the infighting on 'let it be' in about January 1969, that 'abbey road' (spring/summer '69) could have very easily not happened at all. I do wish one of my least favorite beatles songs 'maxwell's silver hammer' wasn't in there (id replace it in my imaginary 'best' abbey road' with a song from the same era that wasn't on a proper album but only a single. Lennon's 'Don't let me down" ) but there's still so much to love about Abbey road.. (and, white album and all the other ones too!)
someone mentioned a public domain challenge- I'm wondering what songs have come into the public domain in the last few years. could be an interesting crop of songs..

You young things! Smile London Calling was a fine album even for someone (moi) who went on 6th to 30th May 1977 white riot tour, sleeping rough and hitchhiking from venue to venue! Think i might have to spit out Guns of Brixton, rather ironic as my son now works there, amongst all the trendy cocktail bars.

I would have given a kidney to see that tour.

@mike skliar "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" is pretty awful, bad by any standards, let alone McCartney's, but it might be interesting with a dark Nick Cave type treatment.

The Beatles version of Maxwell's Silver Hammer is positively delightful next to Steve Martin's trainwreck;

Because is mine. I need to do ALL THE VOCAL HARMONIES

Also I can see my wife begging me to do Something. (And possibly working on it with me)

@Fuzzy - Thanks for that ... I think ...

@Fuzzy, I had never seen that or maybe I had just blocked it! Biggrin But I don't think it is any worse than Paul's mess. Now that I think of it, other than Come Together and George's contributions I guess that is why Abbey Road is not one of my faves...too much Paul! I know we get "I Want You (She's So Heavy)", "Because" and "Sun King" but I have to wade through too much Paul to get to them.

Wait, I forgot Mean and Poly...both great songs. OK, Abbey Road is worthy (but by then I had already had enough of silly Paul songs!)

of course we can all do anything for Rocktober- but to address @johnstaples point- if you want to make 'abbey road' a little less paul-heavy, feel free to do some of the singles they were recording at the same time in '69 (which include John's 'Don't let me down', Ballad of John and Yoko', and George's 'Old Brown Shoe')-- plus wasn't John doing 'give peace a chance' and 'cold turkey' around the same time, too? that gives you alot of John and George to work with . I think for some of the other Rocktober projects, we 'included' the singles they did at the same time (things like 'paperback writer/rain' for revolver, day tripper/we can work it out for 'rubber soul' etc etc)

I think the Abbey Road sessions included a few things that later turned up on "All Things Must Pass". I'll check my Beatles Sessions book this evening after work and post up the list of extra songs from the session.

Great idea, @mike skliar! I've just added "Old Brown Shoe" and "The Ballad of John and Yoko" to the original post, if anyone wants to cover those.
If you come up with any more, @atitlan, I'll add them, too.