Saturday Skirmish August 31st (3pm EDT, Noon PDT 8pm BST)

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Skirmish tag: s083119a
(type #s083119a to search for songs using this tag)

Host: @Amanda West

When: Saturday, August 31st 3pm EDT, Noon PDT, 8pm BST (link is external)


TAGS: s083119a, skirmish, songskirmish, feast, water

WHAT: We'll have a 1 hour song skirmish, and it will go something like this:

1) At the start of the event, I'll announce a title/prompt/theme/concept/ for your inspiration.

2) All participants write, record, and post a song within an hour. Lyrics-only posts and instrumentals are absolutely fine. And if you take longer than an hour, PLEASE post anyway.

3) Be sure and tag your song using the above tags, and also post a link to it in this thread down below.

4) If you participate, please listen to (or read) and comment on the songs of all the other skirmish participants. Share the 50-90 love, folks.

Fun and embarrassment may ensue, but, most importantly, everyone will have one more song, lyric, or instrumental under their belt !

Peace and love

ah nice one

oi oi

I think the prompt should be "late"

OK Im here !!! Its WATER !

Sorry about that, I was writing and forgot the time Sad

nothing from me, tried doing a collab with my friend but we didn't rein it in in time , thanks anyway, enjoyed trying

Only had 10 minutes but here goes.

And now for something totally sappy

Thank you Amanda for your inspiring theme. I wasn't at home so I'm late for the party Smile

I had the words finished in just a few minutes. Actually some thoughts I've been having lately (not about me, though).

And I got to slap on an NSFW! (Barely.)

I've listened to everyones, but still haven't had time to write a watery one myself yet ! I promise I will tomorrow.

Thank you Amanda for your beautiful theme and for your wonderful comments. Looking forward to yours.

OK finally ! Here is my own skirmish effort Smile