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Some of the best "integrated" music ever...

Starts at (more or less) Violin jam on *Wah Wah pedal and proceeds to "thank you..." -- funk, should'a lasted longer. (Silly "White-boy" Smile )

Thank you for letting me be myself Wink


The art of the jam, seems lost to form and formula, yet the launch of many accidental songwriting efforts, -- "yeah, I wrote that one while sitting on the Toilet in the Bus, to fill the open 2:45 we had left...".

I'm not sure what you mean by "integrated" music...
"The art of the jam"?
Try Can; all their stuff is improvised.

Both very cool links! (I listened to/watched a Can song called "Paperhouse" - I had never heard of them.)
I don't know if I'd call Sly and the Family Stone's approach "jamming" in the true improvisational sense of the word. What they did, at least in that video, was more along the lines of stretching out the main riffs to accommodate solos and for tension-building effect.
I love going down the YouTube rabbit hole of watching a video, seeing what related videos show up in the side bar, and extrapolating from there.

Welllll, it hasta be Jam 'cause Jelly don't shake like dat!! Wink -- indeed.

I couldn't do the whole 41 min of "Can - Future Days [Full Album]" but did a skip through, -- interesting stuff. Wow, Can Future Days (1973) United Artists -- ahhhhh 1 9 seventy 03 -- I was a bit "young" but remember how "new" our music was circa 1975. To bad "new" can't last longer !! Smile !! (Great Mix for what I heard of it...)

-- Looked for it on Amazon, no CD's... but the Vinyl's there for a mere $250 USD Wink plus shipping. ... ahhhh at the bottom "angry mom records" (love that name), has used CD for $25 ish.

-- Ah, yes, rabbit holes..., they make life worth living don't they!

@Chip Withrow you could totally pull a jam off! Me, I write jelly Smile

Nice link, @ustaknow...needed to hear some of that. Brings back memories of what seems like a completely different lifetime when I used to play with other musicians... The things we take for granted.
{@fuzzy], i've put that link in my watch later..skimmed a bit and quite, quite nice the little I heard.

Hey @splittybooms for me, that whole funkadelicious period, -- should have lasted allot longer than it did and may not get the attention it was worthy of. Seriously, the dude is using a Wah on a Violin, and on "mainstream" mass media of the day. For me that trumps the violin bow on the Les Paul any day Smile or etc.

It could make a limited interest book (if people read them anymore Smile ), but look at "disco" (the little annoying brother of it), -- what was it really b4 "disco". I agree with Nile Rogers comments on that, well, me and two or three others maybe Wink hahhh! What if disco didn't go the way of the Hair-band and then evolved non-commercially, what might it have been, - or - , did it?!? Then, what did it then, become?

-- Eh, it just struck me when popped up and so shared it here thinking there may be a few who'd "get it" Smile

Hey, @ustaknow, if you want some creative use of violin, check out some early Mahavishnu Orchestra.
And if you want a creative use of Wah on non-standard instruments, check out Jaxon's saxophone on early Van Der Graaf Generator recordings.

What was disco before disco?
Lots of things, including a large dose of Krautrock.
If it had survived (and I'm glad it didn't) it might have gone back to its roots as funk or drone music, or even jam band music.

@Fuzzy great incite/insight Wink ; and -- I'll check those out.

It now makes me wonder (same tact?), -- what "hair band" music may have otherwise been, if it had been skipped over for "that"... -- it's interesting (?) when "innovation" catches on, is liked, and then milked for all it's worth thereby voiding it's innovation.

It's a weird loop like looking into a mirror of a mirror, 2 dimensional infinity Smile