International Strange Music Day!

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(cracks knuckles)

Right. Bring it on!

Thanx for the heads up.
I'll be sure to contribute something.

This should be fun. I'm in! Thanks @TomS for reminding us.

Joining you all. Looking forward to participating and to listening. The youtube link takes us to gorgeous music.

What should the tag be?

Makes a change for me to see the reminder for strange music day before it happens ... and it falls on a weekend too ... perfect!

Patrick, the creator of SMD, says that he will post anything that we create for the day!!!! Smile Also:

Wow, that sounds very inspiring. Thank you @TomS for letting us know.
Cool tag @Fuzzy

Oh my

Anyone willing to co-write with me on Saturday 24th for this please ? Smile

Will try.

@Amanda West will be very happy to Smile

Interesting! Hope to write something tomorrow.

So here's my track for this years #strangemusicday - A dark soundtrack-y thing called 'Midnight Mystery'

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Okay - so I'm not trying to be THAT guy, but who comes up with these official days? It seems like every day there's a "__ Day". Not hatin', just trying to understand where it all comes from. Nonetheless, I'll be more than happy to tackle SMD by the end of the day.

@cts - No idea, but I'm all for instigating #internationalnotnationalanythingday

Here is my instrumental:
Thank you for the challenge.

Here's my track - "Black Mass";

here is mine Every Day (all i want to do is poop)

I love the way my friends interconnect around the world, @TomS - my Facebook buddy Anthony Garone interviewed Patrick for his "Make Weird Music" website:

Here's my contribution to today: my first time ever in FAWM or Fifty/Ninety where I play harmonica. There was guitar too, of course...

Yabba-dabba-doo! Here is my contribution to this Challenge and its title is quite imaginatively "It's International Strange Music Day":

This time I'm trying to listen and comment everybody pretty soon and not a month later as I did in Apollo Challenge. Smile

Just wanted to say special thank you to Tom for posting this challenge. It was fun to participate and it's amazing to hear the variety and the inspiration behind so many compositions. Hope to hear more if not today, perhaps tomorrow as it's getting late over here.

Here's my second entry for Strange Music Day!!

It's called "Beep Boop"!!!

@cts, the answer in this case is a New York based composer named Patrick Grant, who is up for three Grammys this year for his album Fields Amaze, and who was the keyboard player and one of the songwriters in my band in high school back when Jimmy Carter was president. Smile

Here's my offering. I would have just recorded a harmony with the cat, but I'm tired after a rockin' gig this morning, so this is what I got:

And here is my second instrumental:

Here’s mine:
Strange Garden, Sunny Day

Here's mine. I'll listen to some others on Monday when the crazy has ended.

I didn't quite finish mine! Crap! But what a great collection of strangeness here! Smile

@TomS looking forward to your creation. Thank you for inspiring us all. Did you say that Patrick, the creator of SMD, says that he will post anything that we create for the day? Please keep us posted. Sounds exciting Smile

I didn't finish mine yesterday, either. But posting it today:

Thanks for the info, looking forward to listening to what others have created!
Late to the party. Hooray!

I'll probably contribute, but will be VERY LATE to the party

Just listened to your cool entry Tom!
Could you kindly share with us where our songs are posted? Thank you Smile

I've loved listening through these tracks (and I've still a few to hear). Lots of creative ideas amongst the weirdness.

@musicsongwriter, will do!

Has me from Denmark. That made me smile...
I'm curious where that info came from.

Awesome , thank you so much Tom.
Nadia ~

@splittybooms Got me. Perhaps he was cutting and pasting quickly...

Managed a half entry, by collaborating with Nadia on this one.