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45 days in, more or less, depending on what part of the world you're in. How are you doing?
A while ago I started a one-fifth of the way through thread to track progress, but then I figured a two-fifths thread would make the math too complicated (even though I started one last year), so I waited til now. Multiply your current song total by 2 and there's your projected total at the end. Same with comments given, which is just about as important to me as songs written.
I'm on pace for 90 songs! My personal best is 67 a few years back. And I'm on track for 452 comments given by Oct 1 - my goal is 500, and that means 450 by Oct 1 and then keep listening and commenting at least a couple weeks after. And that's a 5-comment-a-day pace - I know some of you go way above and beyond that.
The songwriting and demo-ing has been pretty effortless - I wasn't really trying for a song a day. And I know a few of you are doing a song a day and more. Impressive!
And how's everyone's energy and motivation? (And if you're inclined toward one of those "sure is quiet around here" posts, remember - 1) there are plenty of folks (some real diehards too) around to keep it interesting and 2) the drive to undertake a long challenge like this has to become at least somewhat intrinsically motivated or else why bother?
So, you're halfway there (cue Bon Jovi) - how are you doing?

Exactly 25 songs so I'm exactly on pace (apparently, I haven't checked and I'm taking your word for it. *evil grin)

168 comments which is below my average, but that's on pace for over 300 so I'll take it. (read that as I'm not gonna feel guilty as I've been busy and have been dealing with some stuff.)

Last year I hit 125 songs which were mostly one instrument/vocal, one take recordings and I like a lot of them. This year I'm aiming for 50 but I'm liking even more songs so far. (Although I have to listen after the challenge for a real perspective.) But I've been very happy with this 50/90.

I've done 41 songs, plus 2 tape collaborations that haven't been finished yet (but I've done my part already), so I think I'll reach my goal of 50. This is my 4th time participating, and in my first 3 times I did a total of 22 songs, so I'm really happy with this year.

That being said, I'm losing my energy. I'm playing some of my songs (from 50-90!) on the 30th, so I've stopped writing new songs to prepare the set and practice. After that I'll try write another 15, which should bring me to 100 this year, another goal of mine.

Comment-wise, I need to step up my game.

At 53, so doing OK. Smile

I am very fortunate to have the time to spend. A few years ago i would have really struggled! Im on 65 and 850 comments. I expect to slow a bit but i think i will get 120. I have not done all the numbers in detail but i feel it had dropped off a fair bit in the last 2 weeks!

I'm at 27, which includes a few collabs. Not sure if I'll keep up this pace, and will get busier in Sept, ... so we'll see. Always that mixed-feeling challenge in Sept when (and this hasn't been every year, Ive sometimes only done a few songs for 5090) i (sometimes) get to like 35, and then... do you bang out 15 little nonsense ones with maybe a keeper in there if you're lucky, just to get to '50'?

I feel really good about my 5090 output so far. Comments are are pace for 500ish and I do that not for the number but to pay it forward (from past comments received) and frankly listening inspires me. In terms of song output I have 31. If that is doubled I end up in the low 60's but I typically post more songs in the second half than in the first. I still have lots of ideas. Probably the most focused theme and song arc that I have traced so far. I feel like the self-mini challenge to develop a solid half hour set of new-hopefully-connected material is a strong motivation. The uniting idea of a sort of mini-musical is giving me more focus. Maybe I finish a full blown thing this 5090 but just this afternoon I was thinking that this development song arc may carry through NaSoAlMo. Maybe this time I slow down quantity as I approach 50. We'll see. I also feel good about using a greater variety, and most, of my instruments with more multi-tracking (still lo-fi though) instead of just guy and guitar one take one track lo-fi songs.

Oh great, only half way. I have five finished songs, two that are nearly finished and maybe like seven more ideas that will most likely get finished. I know it's not fifty but I'm still probably doing a bit better than I would normally.

Technically 26 but several have music so there's a 2nd post on them. I have lost all mojo/motivation/energy because of work. I can't seem to write anything that isn't documentation about the horrid work environment and the issues that require being noted. Sad

Here is a HALFWAY song - and a challenge to others to do a halfway song or to put music to mine!


I'm doing great, thanks for asking!
Eleven songs posted (six of them are Collabs) and I still have four or five tunes floating around in my mind ready to be recorded.
256 comments given, so I'm on track to give over 400 comments by the end of September

I'm concentrating on quality vs. quantity this summer.
I've also been ignoring my usual habits and so am doing mostly weird spoken-word stories using other peoples' music as backing.
Keep that awesome music coming, folks!

I'm so low... hahahahahaahah but my comment giving is good, I'm at 184 at this point, but I wanna triple that by the end.

I'm only at 16. If I did any sort of consistent progress, it would mean I wouldn't 50.

Why did the theme song from the Garry Shandling Show just pop into my mind? Smile

Damn, @TomS, now the Gary Shandling theme is stuck in my head
Thanks for that. :/

I'm on the right track and pretty satisfied with the overall quality. There are some duds but that happens. Just posted my 30th demo and comments given is about 300. In September I'll slow down because my work at the library starts.

I learn best when I have time to think things through, have a second look and do some re-writing. No time for that this year, so two-thirds are collabs with lyricists. I'd like to give them a big thanks and even make them a sandwich. Also a special thanks for @jcollins and @metalfoot for demoing my lyrics. Yes, there are now a couple of double posts but the official counter says 30. So there. Smile

I'm aiming for "only" 50 songs because 50 is enough for me. And it's so nice when all the songs are there on one song page huddling cozily together and with easy access.

This summer has been busy and complicated, so my 50/90 output is suffering. I'm at 9 right now with no clear idea what's next except I want to use the word "certified" but not in the sense of certified insane.

I'll be lucky to hit 20 this year, but I'm OK with that. I'm practicing for an important gig coming up, working on recording for an unrelated project, trying to have a life also.

On vacay last week so a little behind with 22 songs. Hoping to catch up!

Around a week behind pace at 22/50, but still determined to get to 50 come what may. Did manage to do 6/14 FAWM in one week before so you never know Biggrin Have dropped off commenting but at 270, still at over the 5/day average. Song quality wise, haven't put anything on my favourites for about 3 weeks, but there are some with potential for reworking.

Sleep is definitely suffering as I've got full time work and also run a website. Naps are king Biggrin

I'm on 33, so just over half way with a bit of a buffer Smile

I'm just getting warmed up! I don't really play music outside the challenge months, so I appreciate the way the 5090 gives me a lot of time to get myself into a vaguely musical frame of mind. I feel like a winner if I do anything, so I'm entirely satisfied with my meager output. Hopefully my 5090 momentum will carry me to victory in February Smile

I've already won the 5/90 challenge! I might even do one more!

I’m at 30 ish, I have to not count the musication of lyrics, and I’m not sure if the more than usual for me, lyrics only counts without a demo (not that, that applies to the great lyricists only folks).

I am surprised I did as much work as I did since not really free as I may be with enough “alone time” to engage music. (Meaning head space if even guitar to phone as I once did exclusively; and for some reason my wife is not crazy about me carrying around a guitar if even a mini - maybe she got used to me buying in place and giving away.)

I can write anywhere anytime (though influenced by context), however, musicating and demo’g requires, for me, a certain head space I may not get to ‘till September.

I am sure if I remained this busy, I’d work that all out but it would change the sound of my “stuff”.

Tso, derUgo!