Favorite websites/podcasts/Youtube channels about music-related stuff

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Hello fellow 5090ers,

I recently discovered two youtube channels that I find very educational, so I thought I'd share them here:

Rick Beato's youtube channel - a variety of things ranging from guitar talk (he's a Jazz guitarist by training), song analysis, music theory, analysis of soundtracks, scales, composition.

unfa - a guy who makes music exclusively with Open Source software; he's also the person behind the official Ardour youtube channel.

What are your favorite places on the web to learn things about music?

Prompt Queens (http://promptqueens.libsyn.com/) is a brilliant podcast by a couple of friends from the Rocky Mountain Song School - they write to a prompt and release a new episode about every week.

I'm a guitar gear nut. My favorite source of info is That Pedal Show on youtube. It's more of a master class on using pedals than a demo channel. I really enjoy their work.

There are also a ton of guitar gear podcasts that I listen to. The Guitar Knobs, 60 Cycle Hum, The Guitar Nerds, Chasing Tone, Tone Mob, The Tone Jerks Podcast, The Guitar Hour Podcast.

There is also Gig Gab, which is a great podcast on working in, or running a cover band. They do a great job every week.

All of those, and many more.

Sodajerker. Very nice podcasts, interviews with songwriters old, new and between.


I love American Routes. It's on NPR and programs are available at their website http://www.americanroutes.org/. Stories, interviews and lots of good rootsy music every week. Good stuff.

I also like videos explaining (sometimes freaky) music music tricks in popular songs. Smile

(Besides Rick Beato) here are two more channels:

David Bennett Piano: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz2iUx-Imr6HgDC3zAFpjOw/videos
Adam Neely: https://www.youtube.com/user/havic5/videos

Song Exploder podcast http://songexploder.net

I like Dave Bennett Piano, too, and Rick Beato is a recent discovery. I listen to quite a few vocal teachers, and for a few months I've been digging an analysis channel-- Fil from Wings of Pegasus, a music teacher/band dude, analyzes performances on videos, among other content. Also love The HollyHobs, he does massive amounts of Beatle history stuff. And let's not forget Digging Deep, the Robert Plant podcast. I also listen to lots of choral music on YT, which in itself gives you a natural grasp of structure, harmony, balance-- it's all in there.

@tootoobee mentioned Adam Neely, who is always interesting. Via Adam Neely's channel I found Nahre Sol, her explorations of other genres (she's from a classical background) are always interesting - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8R8FRt1KcPiR-rtAflXmeg

Thanks for these interesting suggestions.

Focusing on vox lately, I found the NY Vocal Coaching videos quite helpful. I did a handful of real life voice lessons and the teacher referenced these videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/NewYorkVocalCoaching

@Klaus is right with sodajerker being great, as is the podcast The Strange Brew, where they also interview songwriters and musicians, but as well as the hit songsmiths, they also include writers such as Tony Banks (Genesis), Tim Bowness, who are more niche.