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Well, someone needs to start this. So I guess I will, this time around.
Everyone who has made 100+ comments on songs in 50/90 is eligible to be in the Century Club. Other than the mods, we have no way of checking if it's so, but we operate on the honour system.

I would like to note that EVERYONE who is listed here, from the 100 level up, are part of what makes 50/90 such a great experience. You are the ones who listen and comment and give helpful feedback. So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all of you!

Century Club (100+ song comments made)
@Aging Ophelia

200 +
@wobbie wobbit
@fresh spotless youth

300 +
@Amanda West

400 +
@Chip Withrow

500 +

600 +








blimey already!??! I'm impressed! well done Smile

@wobbie wobbit Uh, yeah, I had yesterday off and kinda deep dived into 50/90. LOL

Ok hands up here. Im well past 100

i just made 100

Blew past 100 yesterday. So many great songs & lyrics here!

200 plus here as well

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*face palm* I'm lacking greatly...

100. So far most from participating in seven skirmishes the first weekend and return comments from so many who kindly commented on my songs.

@cts No you're not. We all have different amounts of time we can dedicate to this! I'm on vacation from work right now and *expect* myself to be getting ahead of things, for the inevitable slowdown once I'm balancing my 50hr/wk responsibilities with 50/90.

Oh I’m in

100 for me


Thanks @metalfoot, I know I am over 100 but could be over 200. It's what I do. Smile

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@metalfoot - thanks for the perspective, man. I'm managing my time now to get things done! Smile

300 here

Sorry for the delay in updating; I've had a busy weekend with the provincial baseball tournament for my son and then a family day away yesterday. Back in the saddle today and will hopefully get back to music-making as well!

passed the 100 mark now Smile

Yes, I'm over a hundred, yeah...

I've hit the century mark.


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I have now hit the 100 mark. I have only begun to comment! Smile

Made it to 100 this morning! Yay!


New century for me. 200+

400 here.

Finally made it to 100. Finally.

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Way to go, @Fuzzy

110 for now Smile

Just hit the 200 mark (after a whole day at 199 LOL)

me me me me 100+ now Smile


200 Smile

Told myself I was going to reach 100 before I set off on my next round of day-off tasks. So, 100!
(First tasks were personal trainer, then taking daughter for driving learner's permit. Now, off to haircut and picking up a phone-related gadget.)
This is Day 20 of 50/90, so I'm also keeping up with my at-least-5-comments-given-per-day plan.

Finally got to 100. Sorry it took so long.

500 here.

Whoa! Thanks to so many people that have been commenting so much! I am over 300 now!


Yisss, hit 200. I think this is my best commenting pace yet.


And I've moved up to 400!


Oh yeh 600 here as well

I finally made it to 100 this afternoon. I promise I will do more listening this month!

Just hit two hundred comments given!!!

...and thanks for running the Century Club thread this year, @metalfoot!!!

700 hit!


206 from me. Enjoyed every song so much!

At last! 105, and quite a few more ‘saved songs’ to go back to for commenting.

300 Smile