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Expecting to see a few usual suspects soon. I am here in south west Queensland. I know @StephenWordsmith is around flying the Kiwi flag. Hoping to see a few more shortly.

I am here in New Zealand. I am curious to know, am I the only one who always gets a shred of doubt in my mind when people are writing songs about Summer or do others of you in the Southern Hemisphere also have to think twice. I always start questioning my knowledge of seasons during 50/90 and FAWM.

It's nice to hear songs about summer when the 2-week forecast for Wellington is horizontal rain that freezes your bone marrow on impact.

And collaborators from across the globe can appreciate the novelty value in singing lyrics about freezing extremities when they're in the midst of a heatwave (hi, @ductapeguy!)

I lived in Wellington so i know what you mean. Im so used to writing against any prompt i must say i don't hardly notice anymore. I usually try and play around with prompts so if they say autumn or snow i usually just use them in the lyrics but turn the story on its head.

adelaide over here Smile

Yeah well, I don't quite know where I am. Adelaide, yes, but it's a day to day living here with continuing health problems (improving) with the missus. So don't expect any plans or brave projects.

Sorry to hear it, Tim.

Another Adelaide here, though I'll be in Queensland in August. Visiting friends and family for a few weeks. Smile

Almost didn't sign up this year, but had a change of heart. Bring it on! Biggrin

Sorry to hear that @timfatchen, that was my 2018. Glad you made it @cblack

Aaaaaaand yet another Adelaidean reporting in for duty. Nice to see the crew back on board Smile

Sydney, reporting for duty Wink

Well, my band tanked. So I can probably actually do the 50/90 thing this year. Smile

I'm in Melbourne.

I'm Muswellbrook N.S.W.

Adelaide is punching above it's too.

If I can ever get my act together, we should DO something in Adelaide post-5090.

I been looking for good reason to fly to Ozidland. Long expensive flight. But one day Smile

Well, two long expensive flights if you want to see both of them Smile

You'd find a welcome and a room here Mr Stilldoes. @ustaknow

We should do our own skirmishes sometime, Aussies/Kiwis. The general weekend ones are terrible for our timezones.

Yup I'm an early bird but I can't play instruments at that time! If there was interest I am always game.

@3tdoan. If we ran a skirmish on Sunday morning 8 am the whole world could play! Its the only real time we are all up n about!. We didnt seem to get enough aussie and Kiwi interest. What think you?

Not usually up at that time but could do it Biggrin

@coolparadiso Smile , nice thank you! (Nice thing to see/find here!)

(I've got a few "weird" stories about traveling to far off places and what one finds waiting for them, unexpected -- not appropriate for here, but your kind response made them flood back to mind for some reason (so comment in flow of thought). One I can reference is, -- 911 I was out of the country (then "locked out" for an unplanned stretch for various reasons), and was told to write a book about "it", -- never did... but, oh so much comes to mind.)

I'll bet an Oz trip in this context for an expatriate would be one, very hard to top!