Recommended Listening - 50/90 Songs That You Love

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I did not see this thread yet and while I know it is early it is never too early to share wonderful songs that have been posted!

I'll start by recommending a lovely song by @aesthetic72 called August in April!

Another song that really stands out for me is Horror Stories from @cts over at The Jelly Factory!

Here's a fun tune that I'm assuming is not for everyone; a great slice of weirdness from the always awesome @Silver Machine.

Just heard this which is really wonderful from @nateger

Hot off the presses and easily one of the prettiest ones I've heard yet this 50/90...

I love this one! from @Jibbidy34

I was flattened by Take Me To You by @3tdoan

Git over yonder. @Klaus just rewrote the White Album for an alternate Universe.

Skimmed this thread and missed this. nawwww I’m so honoured @ductapeguy!

And I’ll put in a good word for @pokerowan’s One touch thin. intriguing lyrics, compelling performance.

This took me away.
I've heard so many songs already that have given me the feels - but this one hits some synapses within or something...I dunno. I love everything about the feeling it gives me. From @Ferry Colyer this minor key blues from @headfirstonly with its heavy piano and guitar is the kind of record jim morrison might be making today had he lived.

Cheers @billwhite51!

WOAH! Thank you so much!!!!!! Smile @mike skliar

This thread should have more stuff in it.
Here is one of the best things I've heard during 50/90 or otherwise:
by @Drive By Love Fest
Checks all the boxes for me.

Before I'm dragged into the pit of the work day...THIS:
by @JWHanberry
Every sound choice appeals to me here.

I just listened to this and it stopped me in my tracks. It's stunning by @aricate

@johnstaples (who started this thread) is nailing it this year. I just listened to two of his songs and they were both great. I think I'll go with as the one to recommend, but feel free to listen to them all.

OMG and this....
I could actually listen to @nateger sing the phonebook all day long. His voice is magical and his songs are heaven! This one left me speechless.

Here is a collab from the @the pannacotta army and @DeannaSweidel that I absolutely adore:

Thank you @DeannaSweidel!

"Grace In A Laundromat" - the title had me hooked even before I listened. I am a huge @the pannacotta army fan, and this collab with @crisp1 is a really enjoyable retro listen Smile

Totally in love with "Sophie" by Trendall - Can't stop listening to it.

Owls and dream pop obviously belong together. By @barbara and @mark Smile

This stunner by @pokerowan blew me away today:

@DeannaSweidel Thank you so much for the shout out! Smile

I have to say spot on [@amandawest] "Grace In A Laundromat" is absolutely outstanding! well done Pannacotta army and Crisp

Well I have found another incredible, beautiful and amazing song. The songwriting skills are incredible here, both the lyrics and the composing. And the performance is... well I'll let you decide for yourself Smile Thank you @expendable friend for creating this song.

Well crap I came to post the exact same song, what @Amanda West said! *38056 is indeed stuck in my head!

Ha @3tdoan ! It is an amazingly good piece of songwriting isn't it Smile

On the Seventh Watch by @gregjwere

i love everything about this song, from the idea itself, through the writing, the musication to the performance, the wonderfully spare arrangement and exquisite performance. ths is that rare song that edges toward the truth with an enquiring mind. it brings back memories of pf sloan, my friend now departed from the seventh watch, who road the music beam to enlightenment in the day when we wrote songs to illuminate, not to obscure, the mysteries of our existence

Yes, like Bill said, "On the Seventh Watch by @gregjwere" 1v1g at it's best.

Here is an exquisitely beautiful song by @tamsnumber4,

I am just blown away by this song! The guitar, the vocals, the melody, the lyrics, the has it all!

We all know what good songs Klaus does, dont we? But even by his standards this made me stop and go on loop! Takes a bit to do that these days. With no further ado i present.

Such a great track by @the pannacotta army. Incredible songwriting, instrumentation, production, and collaboration of lyrics. So impressed by the professional sound. All around an incredible track.

here is another favorite to which i shall often return. The Passsenger by #marthienel

So much good stuff going on in this manic prog workout from @the toop - It's fine, it's fine. (And it totally is.)

Holey moley! Have a listen to this one! Wow! By @owl

Check out The Good Ones by Roy R Henderson.

My word, the song La Lune Blanche by @levesinet is absolutely gorgeous!

Sweeping orchestration, beautiful piano, great lyrics sung with a flawlessly phenomenal baritone vocal!

A delight from start to finish!

I just listened to one of the skirmish songs and it's absolutely gorgeous:

@pokerowan with

HA! @tcelliott I came here to post @pokerowan's skirmish song, too! Its ridiculously awesome. by @Klaus and @kahlo2013 is most excellent, dudes... and dude -ettes.

I've heard a lot of songs that I absolutely adore this year, but before I leave the house on the first day of school I listened to this. It's the perfect start to the day... #comment-48464"></a>

Hmmm...Right of the top of my head I could recommend a number of songs by pannacotta army, expendable friend, Wolf Kier, owl, Klaus, Joanne Gabriel (and many others)--great songs with high production values. Most of those songs have already had a good number of listens, so I'm going to go to the more obscure regions of the 5090 and recommend "Recommending Mice for Beginners" by @Trendall. It's a stripped down tune that bounces along with a great lyric that's either deep or absurd, or both. It really sticks in my head

If you like good Rock n' Roll then I highly recommend

So many songs, who to listen to?
Well Red Monteaux is new to the site and put out a catchy track
"On Me"

Three favorites of mine collab'd and made something that so hits that sweet spot in my listening preferences.
@Ferry Colyer