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We tried this in February and got some interest (and some great results).

Consider making the stems of your tracks available for others to remix, chop up, tweak, twist, and generally have a good time with.

Already sorted out the stems for one of mine and will be making the others available as soon as I get a few minutes to myself. Smile

First one is here:

Yes please.
I can not commit, but I'll try to get some kind of remix done of something; I love messing about with other people's music....

Hey, here ya go; the first remix!
"The Guild Navigator Folds Space" -

This is a neat idea! I've made stems available for one of my songs if anyone would like to play around with it:

Thanks for sharing! I've downloaded and been messing around

Some slap bass and funk drumming stems to play with here:

I'll be checking some of these out later today!

I wanted to note that if folks like sharing stems (or using other's stems) outside of 50/90, there's for remixing Creative Commons stems and pels.

@yam655 this is so cool. Thank you for sharing!