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Preparing for my first 50/90. All set up and ready to go in rural Queensland.,

hope you have a great first 50/90 Smile

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Back for my 2nd fyny!


Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3 from Adelaide SA. Oh, hey there @auldy Smile

Oh, hello @auldy and @coreystewart ! I'm also in Adelaide!

Honestly, I don't think I've ever randomly come across 2 South Australians anywhere else on the internet... I wasn't going to do 50/90 this year, but now I'm here. Funny how that works...

Strayaaaa represent! Not so much like the Boomers. Sydney here (but a transplant from Melbourne, via Newcastle, via Wollongong).

My second 50/90 which is in some ways scarier. But hey let's do this thing!

Hiya ! Another Sydneysider here, looking forward to doing this again. My last one was 2016. Smile

@cblack "South Australia; theres at least 3 of us!" - possible Tourism SA slogan. And good to see you again @coreystewart! New russian

I'm not even remotely prepared, but will keep this ticking over during the summer, at least I'll get *some* ideas down ... wayyy better than nothing! Was in Sydney during May, but back in UK now.... Smile

Right back at ya @auldy Smile

Welcome @cblack... Glad you're here mate Smile

@coreystewart Thanks for the welcome. Smile And @auldy, sounds like a good slogan to me. :P

I ll hold the Queensland fort. Looks like plenty if south aussies! C u around the traps. Anyone wants collab. Next week i can only do lyrics (at hospital with wife) just let me know.

@auldy @cblack @coreystewart What? Only three? Surely not...tho' I can't really get on line for another 5-6 days (one song down, not recorded), @coreystewart, we must try something in Adelaide this time. I know I keep saying it but life has been getting in the way...

I've been greedily devouring @coreystewart's songs so far. Biggrin For me, I have 5 tracks (3 of them potential keepers) already made, but can't post them 'til I get paid next, so I can get the file hosting. Not wanting to use Soundcloud or anything - just FAWM/50/90 hosting. And yeah... Won't be paid 'til Monday, so no song posts for me. *sigh*

Also, if there's an Adelaide meetup planned, count me in! I'm in the far southern suburbs, but I could take an acoustic guitar as far as the city, for sure. Not really looking to perform (I have stage fright), but a general meetup with other musicians sounds good to me. Smile

Righto, I'm watchlisting you all. Aussie solidarity!