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Liner Notes: 

Just a song about how people have been ripped off since Covid19

I love Catherine's voice and when she agreed to sing this song, I was stoked.
I have written the music in a similar style to hers ( I hope so).


SCHEMERS (July 2021)

Music and arrangement : Garry Kirby (@Gm7)

Melody and Sung by : Catherine Wacha (@Wacha)


He’s just another dreamer

Looking for the easy way out

There are so many schemers

Don’t get fooled, watch yourself


They charm you up

Looking for an easy way in

Be aware keep your head up

They will take it away and then check out


They’re just schemers

All they understand

Wanting things for nothing

Just the money in their hands ......... in their hands


Messin' with your head waiting to jump

Looking for the easy score

Another victory notch and your the chump

Fooled by the vibe you gotta look out

.............................Guitar solo..............


They’re just schemers

All they understand

Wanting things for nothing

Just the money in their hands ......... in their hands


Lessons learned by their trickery

Looking for the easy handout

Drawn by wealth they work their chivalry

Time to leave the game and do a turn-a-bout


They’re just schemers

All they understand

Wanting things for nothing

Just your money in their hands ... in their hands

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Ah its there now! Yup sounds exactly like a Wacha song! Good pick. Love the guitar riff. Nice lyric, rolls along nicely.

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Thx...she's awesome. Love the timbre of her voice.

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she can take a song and take it to the penalty kick and boogerwhack the goalie with her voice. its a cool song and getting catherine to sing it was like lighting the fuse and ten seconds later, it explodes.

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Well here's a gem. I was musing on a theme about schemers as well and lo and behold I come across this awesome tune. I'm right there with you regarding the lyrics and what schemers will do. Wacha's vocals on this just slays in all the right creative ways. Great job crafting this in her style of song-crafting.

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brilliant! Love that bass riff and the cool guitar solo. A great vibe to the music, wonderful pacing, perfect for the sentiment of the lyric. The lyrics are perfectly delivered by Catherine’s awesome vocals! A perfect pairing! Great song!

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Great. This is a very complete song, the music and lyrics and vocal all work really well together.

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Moves along really well. This is a great collab on a great song. I really like this one. Smile

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Top-notch it is, Love it when two artists come together so well. The Subject so well described by the lyrics shines even more to that perfect emotional melodic match. Well done it is

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I've personal experience of such schemers so I can relate. Superb vocal performance that's sultry and purrs along nicely. Tasty production which really adds to the atmosphere of this cautionary tale. Enjoyed the listen. Thanks.

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I just love all the sounds of this song-the vocals, guitar. The song has a kind of Cowboy Junkies kind of feel.
I'm really sorry you have been scammed during the pandemic. Me, I'm sticking mainly around my cat right now, if I can help it.

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Ooh nice! It reminded me of Fleetwood Mac in vibe and style. You two seem to work well creatively. An encore perhaps?

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You guys have set a cool vibe here. Made me feel like I was front stage at Monterrey in ‘67. Fantastic collab!

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I love how Catherine's channelling her inner Patti Smith here! Sounds fabulous. Great jangly guitar sounds throughout, some lovely little runs in and out of sections. I really enjoyed this one, thanks!

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Hey glad to see you gm7! Guitar sounds great, whole tune is very cool. Vox are equal parts eerie and beautiful. Look forward to hearing more of your stuff this summer!

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Such a great song. Thoroughly enjoyed it start to finish. Fantastic work you two. Vocal delivery was spot on and guitar work was tasty as well.

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Really nice lyric of scoundrels, sung so very well by Catherine, that voice is so special and immediately recognizable.
A cautionary ballad delivered perfectly. Nice arrangement, pretty guitar solo, great vocal. Win win win! Enjoyed my listen much. Great collab.
Thanks to both of you for your kind words about my work!

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Wonderful all around! Demo is excellent. Yeah, Catherine's vocals are great.

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Great collab, you guys! Wacha's voice is incredible--I'm new to listening to it, it would seem. Gonna have to dig up some more stuff.

Very well-written and arranged song and the perfect voice to sing it!