Is NSFW Just for Language or Also Innuendo?

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I know NSFW should be used when you use naughty language but what if your song uses no bad language but is literally dripping with naughty innuendo?

I ask because I have written one like this and I used the NSFW flag but not sure if I really needed to.

If it has banjo, then ALWAYS use the NSFW tag. Wink

I like your usage of the tag here as it helps set expectations, which are fulfilled very, very quickly.

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I tend to use the NSFW tag for language. Innuendo can easily go over many a listener's head (any Looney Tunes short is a prime example). Thankfully the odor that blows from your butt isn't smellable audio so we're good on that front. Biggrin

If your workplace demands you label your cowbell NSFW, then anything is fair game, possums.

I think you should use it however you want to use it!

If you think someone might find it awkward if the song comes up while they're at work or with kids, I'd say mark it NSFW. I'm not sure anyone actually uses the NSFW filters to guide them, but if they do, it's probably best to mark everything that might embarrass them or get them in trouble.

My friend had a very explicit (without using any swearing, I think) song that she'd introduce on stage as being not safe for work, then whisper, "so if you're at work - you're not safe" into the mic.

I tagged a song NSFW because it featured me growling. No swearing - just a black metal growling. I'd say someone could plausibly get in trouble for listening to that at work, so I tagged it.

I added the NSFW label bc there was a content warning that I thought folks might skip over otherwise (implied SA and violence). Nothing expressly "NSFW", but I thought it might make the reader be more aware of the subject matter.