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So, @plainwhitetoast has started the big Kaiju Corpse for this year’s 50/90, and I thought “what about other shorter corpses?”

In a nutshell - an exquisite corpse is where people take it in turns to create about a minute of a piece (it could be a little longer or shorter), until each person has provided their section, and then it is “stitched” together by someone.

One person starts it off, then sends their whole piece to the “stitcher”, and their last ten or so seconds to the person following them, for base their section on.

This carries on until all of the pieces are complete, when it is stitched, and posted up.

With that in mind, I thought that I’d start a thread asking who is interested?

So far I’m thinking;

Corpse 1 - Open-production
1. @marvsmooth DONE
2. @sph
3. @nateger
4. @metalfoot
Stitcher - @marvsmooth

Corpse 2 - Basic production
1. @metalfoot
2. @kahlo2013
3. @nateger
Stitcher - @metalfoot

Corpse 3 - Bigger Production
1. @Dragondreams
4. @Mt.Mélodie
Stitcher - @Dragondreams

Corpse 4 - Progressive/Experimental
1. @sph
2. @plainwhitetoast
3. @Dragondreams
4. @lowhum
5. @Mt.Mélodie
Stitcher - @Mt.Mélodie

Corpse 5. Backwards Acoustic
5. @marvsmooth DONE
4. @AndyGetch
3. @lowhum
Stitcher - @AndyGetch

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Put me in for Bigger Production and Prog - and I'm happy to stitch for either/or both. Smile

@Dragondreams - okay. I’ll put you down to stitch for the bigger production at the moment.

Where do you want to be with them both?

Basic production, that's totally my thing. Willing to do whatever you need of me, good sirrah.

Also willing to take part in the open prod one.

I'm in for bigger productions and progressive/experimental, prefer to be towards the end. Can stitch the progressive one if needed.

@marvsmooth I'll start the bigger production, somewhere near the middle for the prog please. Smile

Put me down for any of the corpses!

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Open and one of bigger or prog for me. Can do the stitching for any of the corpses. Thanks for starting the thread

Basic production sounds best for me.
Not sure what open means, but could do that possibly depending where people are needed

May I humbly suggest adding a link to or a brief explain of the corpse concept. Also I suggest adding a "Backwards Acoustic Corpse". Similar to exquisite corpse except the first writer creates the LAST minute plus segment of the song, then sends their FIRST ten seconds with lyric/chords to the second writer (and the full piece to the stitcher). The second writer writes their minute plus to lead up to the first writers segment and sends their first ten seconds to the third writer (and full segment to the stitcher), and so on. I would be happy to participate in (or not) and stitch that one.

@marvsmooth Put me in position 3 or 4 on the Prog/Experimental please. Smile

I'd like to join. my order of preference is
1. Progressive/Experimental
2. Basic
3. Bigger
All, some or any of those.

4&5 yeah Lol

@Dragondreams, @plainwhitetoast - check the edited thread opener.

@sph, @Dragondreams, @kahlo2013, @nateger, @lowhum, @AndyGetch, @metalfoot, @Mt.Mélodie, @plainwhitetoast - please check opening post for edits to the run list.

Stick me in the open production corpse as well, @marvsmooth

@metalfoot - done!

We could do with a BIG finish to that one I think?

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- ProgCorpse. Finally found time to record something. Last 10 seconds sent to @plainwhitetoast
- OpenCorpse: I have @marvsmooth's part, right now recording my part

My opener is done for Corpse 3 - Bigger Production!
Who wants my last ten seconds?
Don't be too scared... Wink

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Open Corpse part done and last 10 seconds sent to @nateger.

If there is room I would join the backwards acoustic !