Random Collabs, anyone? (Round 1)

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I'm willing to set up round 1 of Random Collabs.

To do this, simply tell me if you'd rather do music or lyrics (or either).

I will then randomly assign names one to another (I might steal @Jibbidy34's trick of cutting up papers and putting them in a hat!) and we'll have some new collaborations under our belts!

Any takers?

Since 50/90 isn't quite as active or fast-moving as FAWM, I'll leave this open till I get at least 12 takers or Thursday July 11 for this round 1 signup, whichever comes first.

I'm in for lyrics

Lyrics preferably - but if you are short i could do music

i'd like lyrics. later in the summer, i should be able to record, and i'll do either.

Yes! Lyrics please! I could try music if needed by my music skills are limited.


I'll sign up for either myself.

I'm a lyric man.

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Thank's for organizing. I'll do music

I'm in for music, but won't be able to record until after the 20th

I'm in for music.

Music for me too please!

Count me in for both!

So far:


Vom Vorton
Ferry Colyer
Mt. Melodie


I now have the minimum 12 required to go ahead! I'll leave it open until tomorrow in case we have anyone else who wants to play in round 1.
EDIT: up to 14! The chaos increases with the number of entries, so keep on joining in, folks! I'll try to set this up around 9pm CDT on Thursday (after I get home from my play practice).

OK, it's not closed out. Put me down for either, in case you need to get the right balance between the two. Though I'd slightly prefer to do music if that helps.

Yeah, if there's still room to collab, please put me in either!

RANDOM DRAW 1: Lyrics on left of pairings, music on right...

a) @kahlo2013 --- @3tdoan *37716
b) @coolparadiso --- @nateger *37904
c) @metalfoot --- @Mt.Mélodie - in process
d) @lowhum --- @sph *38603
e) @DeannaSweidel --- @Ferry Colyer
f) @tsunamidaily --- @Vom Vorton *38548
g) @Cicpisces --- @standup

All the positions for Random Collab #1 are now set! You have till the end of 50/90 to do your track but it's probably more fun for you to get it done a *little* sooner than that.

Draw was overseen by my 10 year old son.

There are some repeat pairings from previous years; I know Mt Melodie and I have collabed before (Cloud of Unknowing, 2017, which was a great song!) and in order to vary it up, I put his name back in the hat after I drew it, shuffled everything around, and then... drew it again. Clearly, it was random luck's will that I collab with him. LOL. That was my only re-draw. Hopefully you all have partners you can work with!

*37904 with @coolparadiso is doneeeeee! Smile

Lyrics - did I miss the boat ?

@Amanda West I'll be starting a round 2 thread once a few more round 1 collabs straggle in Smile

It might take me a little while to get my random collab with @tsunamidaily posted as I'm heading out of town for the second weekend in a row, but I have some music written so don't give up on me!

I would love to be in Round 2 too!

Thank you Alex !

i will be in for round 2 - lyrics again - im likely to be away but i can still do lyrics

Please sign me up for Round 2, too Smile

My random collab with @tsunamidaily is finally up!


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Finally my collab with @lowhum is also up!