Auntie Sin (Anti-Syn) Challenge

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My favourite 50/90-FAWM game - I have been running it the last several years but it was here when I arrived!

We have a chain of people. The first person in the chain provides a "seed" song then the 2nd person writes and records the "opposite" of that song (ANTI). The 3rd person combines songs 1 & 2 into a new song (SYNTHESIS) and the next person writes the ANTI of song 3. This goes on thus:

1. SEED SONG - @AndyGetch -
2. ANTI of song 1 - @colgoo -
3. SYN of songs 1 & 2 - @Jibbidy34 -
4. ANTI of song 3 - @metalfoot -
5. SYN of songs 3 & 4 - @plainwhitetoast -
6. ANTI of song 5 - @coolparadiso -
7. SYN of songs 5 & 6 - @wobbie wobbit -
8. ANTI of song 7 - @kahlo2013 -
9. SYN of songs 7 & 8 - @lowhum -
10. ANTI of song 9 - @AndyGetch -
11. SYN of songs 9 & 10 - @Elesimo -
(12. ANTI of song 11 - @nateger ) <--- IN PROGRESS

whoever provides the Seed song can jump in further down the chain once the songs have morphed away from the original. It is interesting to see how the songs change over the process and some great songs have come out of it.

Sign up below with any preferences for ANTI or SYN and any timings (we can shuffle the list if things come up) and please would someone donate a seed song for us?

Have fun!

im an anti - anti anything

@coolparadiso - is that you signing up or are you just telling us? Wink

Yes please - sign me up wherever you need me

I love this game. Sign me up for either.

Love to play! Prefer anti later in the chain - many obligations this weekend - but anytime after that!

I would like to play and have no preference having been both an anti-gonist and a syn-ner in my past. Also I am happy to provide the seed, or not :). Thanks @wobbie wobbit for organizing this.

I can jump in, if you'll have me! Either.

yes, please.

Ooh, I love this game! Sign me up!

I'm in!

thanks everyone so far... thanks @AndyGetch for the offer of a seed song... post us the link here thanks... i have made a list - see original post - lets see how this pans out, and we can try to be flexible and shuffle according to availability when our turns come up.. just let me know and we can try and keep it rolling.. I see no reason why the chain can't just continue indefinitely so plenty of room/time for more to sign up and to have another turn later in 50/90 if anyone fancies it. Have fun everyone!

@AndyGetch thank you Smile

@colgoo that puts you up for the first ANTI if you are ready?

I'd love to participate, either as anti or syn!

how do people feel about 1 long chain, that will take a while to get round to later turns, or 2 simultaneous chains that we will get through in about half the time? With FAWM it is harder to fit everyone in in time but we have more time 50/90 but we can run 2 chains if you would rather get round to it sooner??

awesome - great to see so many usual suspects

either way works for me @wobbie wobbit

Okay...going to listen to this Seed song now.

Haha...I’d already listened to this song....It was a great one to work out an anti-thesis song for...

yay and we're off... thanks @colgoo Smile - you're up for the SYN @Jibbidy34

Ok great. I’m on it. Thanks @wobbie wobbit!

Ok - here's my synthesis of the first two songs. @metalfoot you're up to bat! Write and post an anti to 'Bubbles' Biggrin

So nobody gets TOO anxious... we've had company all week. I'll be back in music mode on Friday. I have the song written just need the space to record!

thanks @metalfoot for checking in. not as much need to rush as fawm though!

Here's the anti to "Bubbles" called "Pop Goes the Bubble" -- @plainwhitetoast now has the task of trying to syn mine and Georgie's tracks...

thanks just a bump thread and check you got the nudge @plainwhitetoast ?

Yes. Still listening and figuring out how to commit my syn.

hehe i like committing your syn Smile good luck!

My syn will be playing with Auntie!

Yeah, sorry if I made things too... abstract!

I took way longer than i should have, but here is my synthesis, finally ready to be antied by @coolparadiso

very quick response - and over to you @wobbie wobbit

just an update... i AM on it but away this weekend... it is bubbling on the back boiler of my mind...

my synthesis is up now -
over to you @kahlo2013

Got it! Thanks! Going to be hard to follow you!

Okay! Sorry for holding up the show, but I was on vacation until today in the wonderful remote wilderness and did not have the bandwidth literally and figuratively to do the Anti song until I returned today. Done now:

thank you Smile over to you @lowhum!

I'm ready with the syn. Here you go:

thanks. @nateger you're up for the anti!

how's it going @nateger?

@nateger another week has passed since you told me you wanted to post the song you have been working on but had been busy/sick.. it is now 23 days we have been on this turn and I think time for a reshuffle if that's ok. @AndyGetch or @Elesimo do either of you want to do the anti to @lowhum's song - ? Unless @nateger you really can post the song you have been working on this weekend??

@wobbie wobbit I can move up in the lineup if needed

thanks @AndyGetch - go for it Smile - anti to @lowhum's song -

here is mine @Elesimo you're up and happy synthesizing!

hey everyone, thank you all for playing this 50/90, hope you all enjoyed it Smile