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It's an exquisite corpse that runs until the end of 50/90 with as many participants as we can muster.

The typical exquisite corpse rules apply:
form a queue and on your turn...
- write a minute maybe two of music
- send a snippet to the next person in line (approximately the last 10 seconds of your piece of music). send me the full piece with any lyrics and/or examples/instructions mixing with the previous piece
- the next person then writes a minute maybe two of music that continues from the snippet they received from the previous person
- send a snippet to the next person in line, send me full piece, etc.
and so on...

Time Limit: 3 days (or fewer) per piece of music.
If your turn comes up and you are too busy to write and record your piece, just let me know and will move you down the list.

Notices: Make sure you have an email contact available on your profile. Please post in this thread when you have sent/received a piece of music or snippet. If you don't communicate, you may get moved down the list.

Also, you can contribute multiple pieces. After you complete your turn, you can jump back in line, but you have to wait for 8 people to have a turn first. If there is a lot of interest, there may be more than 8 eight people in the queue when you finish your turn. If there isn't a lot of interest, I will decrease the number of turns one needs to wait.

EDIT: Wrapping it up for the season. Not as big as I would have hoped, but as it was, I was. Thanks to everyone for playing. Special thanks to those who kept it moving.

In the Wake of Dreamers (17:53)

the Artists:

01. @plainwhitetoast - done
02. @Dragondreams - done
03. @kahlo2013 - done
04. @metalfoot - done
05. @marvsmooth - done
06. @JamKar - done
07. @sph - done
08. @nateger - done
09. @lowhum - done
10. @Mt.Mélodie - done
11. @ballyhoot - done
12. @marvsmooth - done
13. @sph - done
14. @plainwhitetoast - done

I'm in! Not done one for a while. Smile

Hi @Dragondreams! Me too neither.

For them what are the curious type, here are some examples.

50/90 2012: Kaiju Corpsasaurus Rex (37:15)

plainwhitetoast, Double D, Vom Vorton, Scoob, downburst, airbagtester, skullcrush, Vom Vorton, Roel van Veldt, Double D, plainwhitetoast, T.C. Elliott, skullcrush, atitlan, Doctor Rahkoi and the Shamblers Of Dissonant Skies, Johnny Credit, talking dogs, petehopkins, plainwhitetoast, Scoob, skullcrush, jonniegrunge, downburst, Izaak, blindkiwi (lyrics)/Vom Vorton (music), Johnny Credit, petehopkins, skullcrush, plainwhitetoast

50/90 2013: Korpse Kong and the Palace of Song (29:19)

atitlan, Vom Vorton, life without budgies, Izaak, plainwhitetoast, downburst, T.C. Elliott, RC, Calum Carlyle, Doctor Rahkoi and the Shamblers Of Dissonant Skies, JamKar, airbagtester, ballyhoot, kristian, jonniegrunge, plainwhitetoast, atitlan, marvsmooth, Vom Vorton, see-man-ski, Wobbie Wobbit, downburst, RC, Izaak, Vom Vorton, plainwhitetoast, marvsmooth

I am in!

Oh, why not? Smile Count me in.

Good grief! "Double D" was me! I'd completely forgotten that particular corpse!

I’m in

Want to take part in this but right now I'm on vacation. I'm back and ready from the 20th.


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Me too

I failed to ask if anyone wanted to kick it off, so I started working on it myself (with assistance, so ourselves).

I guess I'll order everyone as they chimed in, excepting any what have expressed current unavailability. So tentatively...

1. @plainwhitetoast - done
2. @Dragondreams -
3. @kahlo2013
4. @metalfoot
5. @marvsmooth
6. @JamKar
7. @sph

?. @Mt.Mélodie (not until July 20)

@plainwhitetoast - got the clip safe and sound - on it like a bonnet! Biggrin

@Dragondreams - “job’s a good ‘un” as we say up north!

@plainwhitetoast - full part from me done and emailed you the link, plus link to how I hear our parts crossing over.

@kahlo2013 - Message with link to your ten second snippet of sonic mayhem from the Castle sent likewise. Wink

Sign me up please!

I wish to participate if there's still a spot.

S'appenin' with this? Paging @kahlo2013 - did you get my ten seconds?

Egads!!!!!! Sorry! I will get on that tonight!!! Thanks for tagging me here! Had several email glitches with system changes!

I sent my 10 seconds to @metalfooot

#plainwhitetoast for some reason I can’t get your soundboard page with your contact link to open. If you could leave me your contact info or send me your email on my soundboard page as a private message I will email you my whole 1:15 sec piece

I'm on it!

I think you safely can put me on the list now, @plainwhitetoast

Piece is completed and 10s sent to @marvsmooth

Got in from work. I’ll get to sleep and see if I can get onto it after my cereal!

Sent the full thing to @plainwhitetoast the other day, and the last segment is being sent to @JamKar right now!

This is moving on quickly...

We could have two Kaiju’s perhaps for time reasons?

I wouldn't mind participating in this giant-monster-creation session.

Finished. On to #@sph.

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Finally got the file from @JamKar and start to work on it.

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Ok, who's next? Sent my last 10 seconds to @nateger

@sph Got it and I'm working on my minute Smile

@nateger - how are you coming along with your piece?

I'll be sending along my 10 seconds today Smile

Sent my 10 seconds along to @lowhum!

I'll be ready by tomorrow!

Sent 10 sec and whole piece to stitcher yesterday.

I've been remiss in stewarding this thing. I'm not sure if @Mt.Mélodie is in the game; it has been two weeks. I sent a message, so we'll see.
It would be nice to add more pieces before the end of the month. As it stands now, it's less a kaiju and more like a slightly bloated corpse.

Let me know if you want me to step up. I’ve kinda stepped back from music; just haven’t felt very inspired lately, but I’m still game to participate in this corpse when I’m needed.

No response from @Mt.Mélodie, so you can take it up @ballyhoot, please and thank you.
I sent you a link to @lowhum's snippet via your contact info.

Hi @plainwhitetoast
You're mail got caught in my spamfilter, doing my part today and sending my last 10 sec's off to @ballyhoot and the whole thing over to you

Got both snippets almost simultaneously. Will ignore lowhum’s snippet and work off if Mt. Melodie’s. Will try to work on it tonight but might not get to it until this weekend.

I’ll jump in again if it gets dire!

My bit done and sent to @plainwhitetoast.


Has this stalled?

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I hope not.
@plainwhitetoast, are you there?

all inertia was lost over the last month.

anyone who wants to jump back in line or join anew is welcome to do.

@plainwhitetoast, you got my track , right? If anyone else is going to go after me, let me know so I can send you my last 10 seconds.

I’m in for a second turn

@marvsmooth, sent!!

I’m sorry, it’s been a tough couple of days. I’ll try and do something very quickly Saturday and post on to someone else.

Got a melody and lyrics, which I need to work out the music to accompany it, and then record it.

Who’s following me?